Why am I here?

I guess everyone writes a blog for one reason or another. Today, I want to share, for encouragement and as a reminder why I started to write this blog.

There are a few things that I have always wanted to be, since I was a child. These include a police officer (normal boy), veterinarian (animal lover), and rock star (I’m talkin Steve Perry style). Recently, God has given me some new dreams and passions. I thought, when I went to college, that I would end up as a pastor. That’s what I wanted to do. Ever so slightly, God is changing my desire.

I recently went to a conference in Nashville, called “Quitter”. It was hosted by one of my heroes, Jon Acuff, and included another hero, Bryan Allain. I learned so much from these guys about overcoming fears, using social media to get my dream out there, and relying on those closest to me to fine tune my dream. I have been encouraged by my lovely girlfriend Autumn (you will be hearing a lot about her) and all my great friends to drop my fears and seek out a better story, in every aspect of my life. So I started this blog.

I have opinions on a lot of things. Mondays will be a “Sports” post, and Thursdays will be an “Opinion/Everything Else” post. If you don’t care about sports, don’t read Monday. If you only care about sports, don’t read Thursday.

My hope is that you will help me become a better writer. I also hope that conversation will spring forth from this blog, and I will be asking questions at the end of each blog in order to spur on that conversation. Maybe you can’t answer the questions publicly, and that is fine, I am not trying to embarrass. Maybe someone will be encouraged through my life.

My homegroup just finished a study by Donald Miller, his last question was “What step do you need to take to make a better story?”

This is my step. I hope this is the preface of an incredible story.

What step do you need to take toward your dream?

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