NFL Top 10 (and Tim Tebow)

I’m sure we have all heard enough of Tim Tebow, and the non-controversy at the QB position in Denver. I’m gonna keep talking about it. I think Tebow needs to start. I know he’s not the most skilled, or traditional, or pocket, or accurate QB on the team, but those are things that can be taught. The reason I believe Tebow should start for the Denver Broncos is because he is a winner. He has things that cannot be taught, like raw talent, size, and heart. As a Denver fan, watching Kyle Orton look like an idiot on the field last night was so upsetting. He fumbled the ball multiple times, one of which looked like he just wanted to put it on the ground because he was tired of holding it. He had terrible passes, half of his incompletions were in the ground. I cannot stand that he is the starting QB for Denver. If Tebow started, it will guarantee that the Broncos will not make the playoffs this year, but with Orton starting, the chances are still pretty slim. Starting Tebow is an investment in the future, starting Orton is a misguided hope.

Some other thoughts on Week 1:

The Packers are really good. The Saints eventually came back and made it a good game, but Aaron Rodgers was making them look stupid for the first quarter.

Rising teams are better now. I thought it would take a couple more years for the Bills, Redskins, Jaguars, and 49ers to be contenders, and I realize it’s only Week 1, but these teams impressed me this week.

Peyton Manning is the Indianapolis Colts. We all knew that Peyton was the leader of the offense, and that the entire Colts team rallies around him, but I did not imagine that the Colts would be this bad without him on the field.

The Eagles are really good. Mike Vick isn’t the only good player on this team. LeSean McCoy and Desean Jackson have always been explosive, but now they are also smart players, which is scary. And their defense is scary too.

I’m not going to rank all 32 teams, but I will give my Top 10 teams after Week 1:

Packers: Any Arguments?

Patriots: Brady is a surgeon, and when was the last time we saw a Pats receiver drop a ball?

Ravens: Made a statement in win over Steelers.

Chargers: Gutsy win that past Chargers would have lost this early in the year.

Saints: They played well against the Packers, and made it a close game.

Eagles: Strong win against a young, rising Rams team.

Jets: Stealing a win over a surprising Cowboys team that came ready to play.

Steelers: I know they got manhandled, but I also know Big Ben will get this team back on track.

Bears: The Falcons aren’t that bad, so maybe the Bears aren’t that good. More to come after Week 2.

Texans: Even though Peyton didn’t play, it still felt good to demolish the Colts for Texans fans.

What surprise you about Week 1? Who are your top teams?

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