Tony Romo

We all know what’s coming. Tony is a man’s man. He is modern day John Wayne. Or, more likely, a modern day Brett Favre. To see him come back last week against the 49ers and win the game proves his toughness. His idol growing up was Favre, and he took a step in his shoes last week. And to see him Monday night playing normal, not looking hurt, winning and taking command of the game,  is the epitome of a winning QB. Romo is a great player. Peyton Manning also took time to win his first Super Bowl, eight years, and he has lost playoff games to the Steelers, Titans, Dolphins, Jets (2X), Saints (SB), Patriots (2X), and Chargers (3X). Romo will win a Super Bowl, but he’s only in his fifth year as a starting QB. 5 years in. He still has a long way to go, sure, but everyone said Peyton couldn’t win it, then he did.

Note: I do not believe Romo is near as good a player as Manning. Manning is arguably the best player in my generation, Romo isn’t near as surgical, nor as great a leader. I only want to compare their ability (or lack thereof) to win big games.

Top 10
My how things change in the NFL. I wasn’t sure the Bills were for real until they beat the Patriots on Sunday. The Lions have yet to face an opponent of that caliber, even though they have proved they are a contender. My top 10 teams after Week 3:

Packers: Until they lose.

Bills: Gutsy win makes them the best in the AFC?

Ravens: Flacco is scary all grown up.

Saints: Brees coming through again.

Patriots: Won’t keep losing (even though I hate them)

Raiders: McFadden is a man, if he can stay healthy.

Lions: Next test, in Dallas.

Texans: First loss in a shootout against the Saints? Texans fans will take it.

Cowboys: Romo has this team willing wins.

Steelers: It was ugly against the Colts, but a win is a win.

Thoughts on Week 3:

How are the Lions and Bills undefeated? How far do you think they will go in the playoffs?

Do you think Mike Vick has a point with never getting calls? I do. The game has changed, and old QBs talking about taking hits is tired. That’s why you can’t play anymore Steve and Troy (and Trent). The rule needs to be the same for all QBs. Sure there are missed calls, but refs miss more for Vick (and other running QBs) than pocket passers.

What is your surprise team? Mine is tied between the Bills and Raiders. Both teams are playing extremely well and have found their game. I’m not surprised by the Lions.

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