My finger and Peyton Manning.

I broke my index finger once. I was playing backyard football and the ball hit me funny and it fractured my right index. I thought it was no big deal, until I had to go back to school and take notes with a splint on my writing hand. It was miserable, and I realized how important that finger was at that point.

The Colts without Peyton Manning have to be one of the top stories of the year. We all knew he was the leader of the team, but I never knew how significant he was on both sides of the ball until this year. Peyton is like my finger. You know he’s important, but you don’t know how useless your team (or hand) is without that key piece. I know it won’t happen, but it wouldn’t be the worst idea for the Colts to throw in the towel on the year and hope to get first pick for Andrew Luck. And if that kid gets to train under Peyton for a few years, look out for another decade of Colts dominance.

Thoughts on Week 5

We all knew the Lions were legit, but 5-0? I don’t think anybody expected that. Two solid teams in a row taken down in consecutive weeks. How far do you think they can ride this streak?

What happened to the Eagles? What is the problem with this “Dream Team”? There are obviously chemistry problems, and Mike Vick is showing he can’t handle the pressure.

Is it Tebow Time in Denver? I sure hope so. I can’t handle watching Kyle Orton play anymore.

Top 10

Packers: Again, until they lose. Rodgers is the whole package. He can rush, evade rushers, and throw with precision. Good luck, NFC.

Lions: Thanksgiving Day showdown with the Packers is looking more and more interesting.

Bills: How do they keep winning?

Patriots: Tom Brady is always solid, but the running game is what helped the Pats escape with a win against the Jets.

Ravens: Bye week and on-point Flacco keeps them in the running.

Saints: Barely escaping ROY candidate Newton keeps them alive.

Chargers: Always solid team escapes the Tebow-led Broncos in Denver.

49ers: I did not expect to put them in my Top 10 teams.

Raiders: Great, gutsy win against the Texans Sunday in tribute to their former owner.

Falcons: I have to believe they are better than they have been playing lately.

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