I have an issue in my life. Well, I actually have many, but I have a huge, overarching issue that leads to a bunch of little issues.

I don’t believe in Grace.

I mean, I believe in it in my head, and I understand what it means, but I don’t believe it. I don’t believe, in my heart, that God is not angry with me. I don’t believe that when I sin, it’s not about whether I’m still loved.

Anytime I doubt, which is almost constantly, I am reminded how Jesus showed Peter that redemption is real in John 21.

At this point, Jesus had already been crucified and risen. Peter has denied Christ three times. The disciples are distressed, the Messiah not looking anything like they thought he would. A few of the guys are beside the beach, and Peter decides to go fishing. This is a great picture. He goes back to what he did before Jesus called him. (I fall into this constantly) while the guys are out fishing, Jesus appears to them. They don’t recognize him at first, as I don’t when I leave what I was called to. He calls them back to shore after he loads their boat with fish (again). He sits Peter down for breakfast, and seemingly questions Peter’s love for him. Peter is almost offended at being asked this, until he realizes that Jesus is calling him back to his true purpose. He redeems Peter over breakfast. Three times redemption, for three times denial. After that, Peter remembered his redemption, leading Christ’s church.

I know what I’m called to do. You know what you’re called to do. Are we gonna let some embarrassing sins come before that?

God, remind me of your grace, holding me close constantly.

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