The Best Running Back in the NFL

We know that quarterbacks, in this day and age of the NFL, run the league. But without a solid running back, most quarterbacks wouldn’t be near as successful. We have the Tom Bradys and the Peyton Mannings who don’t really need a solid running game to be successful, but we also have the Joe Flaccos and Jay Cutlers who would be terrible were it not for their running backs. So I have decided to rank running backs as to their efficiency and importance to their team. By efficiency, I mean fewest touches per score. To figure this, I took all touches and divided by their scores. Because fumbles cost their team points, I added 1 point for each fumble the player has. For times sake, I am only listing the top 10 running backs. And because I started this last week, I am using stats for 2011 through Week 10. This will include receptions, again its total touches per score. Also, I only included backs with 500+ yards total. The number, in case you’re confused, is total touches per score plus fumbles. Without further ado, your Top 10 running backs for 2011.

LeSean McCoy- 16.4
Adrian Peterson- 19.2
Beenie Wells- 20.4
Ray Rice- 22.4
Michael Turner- 24.6
Michael Bush- 24.6
Steven Jackson- 27
Arian Foster- 30.2
Fred Jackson- 31
Rashard Mendenhall- 33.5

Any surprises? It’s amazing how much these guys mean to their teams, yards aside. It’s not unrealistic to think any one of these guys could score in every game. Is there anybody you think should be included? What formula would you use?

Now here is my top 10 teams for week 11.

Packers (9-0)- I still think they’re going undefeated.

49ers (8-1)- I’m still really confused.

Steelers (7-3)- Amazing how a week can change things, not only for Pitt,but also for Baltimore.

Saints (7-3)- Still the only contender in the NFC to challenge the Pack.

Patriots (6-3)- Took hold of the AFC East with resounding win over the Jets Sunday.

Giants (6-3)- Such an up-and-down team, we will see what the next 7 games show.

Texans (7-3)- Doubt this will hold much now that Schaub is out for the season, but for now, it is fair.

Bengals (6-3)- Held their own against the Steelers Sunday, proving they aren’t a fluke.

Ravens (6-3)- Seem to be a team that shows up for big games, but not for the should-wins. Bodes well come playoff time.

Cowboys (5-4)- Playing very well, and with Washington, Miami, and Arizona coming up, could be staring at a 5 game winning streak.

Who are your Top 10 teams?

2 responses to “The Best Running Back in the NFL

  1. I wouldnt take beanie wells over anyone on this list. I’ll be interested to see this list again at week 17. mostly… to see where murray is… but then again we dont run in the redzone ever. …Also peyton hillis is still injured, but when he’s healthy he might make the list. where’s frank gore btw?

    • Well Beenie wells is efficient. And maybe at the end of the season Murray will be on there. It didn’t take yards into consideration. And it doesn’t mean he has a lot of touchdowns, just that he has fewer touches per score than other guys.

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