2011 Christmas Guide

For some of us, Christmas is coming way too fast (38 days and counting…), and for others it can’t come soon enough. I used to not get excited for Christmas, but in recent years I have been blessed with family and friends to be with, and a job that allows me time off to enjoy the holidays. As we all know, living in America makes us among the most fortunate in the world, even in our weakened economy. As you may not know, Amercian Christmas is very hard on the rest of the world. With all the food and gifts that are used at this time, it is the Third World that must pay for our growing appetites. I don’t want to get into the “evils of Christmas” as I feel like there is nothing wrong with giving gifts to one another. I just think it would be better if these gifts were not only enjoyed by those who receive them, but also benefitted somebody else. All of the organizations listed support a cause that I believe in, be it free trade, poverty relief, clean water, or just making people’s lives better. I have also included the Twitter handles for the companies so you can keep track of what they are up to year round. Please consider supporting these organizations (and people around the world) this Christmas. And if you wanna send me a gift (hint, hint…), make sure it’s from this list.
Threeavacados.org (@nonprofitcoffee)- The coffee you buy supports clean water and food for Ugandan villages.
Landofathousandhills.com (@1000hillscoffee)- A coffee company that started supporting churches recovering from the Rwandan Genocide, now also supporting projects in Thailand and Haiti.
29coffee.com (@29coffee)- A coffee company that supports church plants across America.
Lightgivesheat.org (@lightgivesheat)- Empowering people by selling handmade products. There are many projects that LGH works with, and you can choose which project to support.
Beadforlife.org (@beadforlife)- Handmade beads make up all of this company’s jewelry. Women are taught how to make these products and, in some cases, given a loan to help them succeed.
Hello-somebody.com (@hellosomebody)- Dallas, TX based company that is determined to feed and educate all the hungry people in the world. Products tell you how many people you have fed with your purchase, and you can support education and mentoring projects as well.
Livefashionable.com (@livefashionable)- Handmade scarves come with the stories of the women who make them.
TheMochaClub.org (@mochaclub)- For just $7 a month (the price of approximately 2 mochas) you can help build wells in draught-stricken areas of Africa.
WorldVision (worldvision.org, @worldvisionusa) or Compassion International (compassion.com, @compassion)- Both companies provide food to millions of orphans every year, and you can even aid families by providing long-term relief with animals that will provide more than 1 meal.
More Help
Philanthropy (philanthropyfashion.com, @philanthropyTN)- A Nashville, TN based store that combines a ton of items that benefit others in 1 location.
Relevant Gift Guide (relevangiftguide.com)- The magazine puts out their fave gifts every year, and although not all beneficiary to non-profits, most products are recycled and will five ideas for those hardest to shop for.
Globalexchangestore.org- gathering fair trade and sustainable products in one easy to sort location.

Let me know if you have more helpful ideas! And happy shopping!

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