NFL Playoff Picture

Here is the way I see the playoffs breaking down as of Week 12. Thanks for the idea Zach (@thecheatham)!

NFC Division Champs

1.) Green Bay Packers
2.) San Fransisco 49ers
3.) New Orleans Saints
4.) Dallas Cowboys

NFC Wild Cards

5.) Atlanta Falcons
6.) New York Giants

AFC Division Champs

1.)     Baltimore Ravens
2.)    New England Patriots
3.)    Oakland Raiders
4.)    Houston Texans

AFC Wild Cards

5.)    Pittsburgh Steelers
6.)    Cincinnati Bengals

NFC Wild Card Weekend

Giants @ Saints- Saints win 28-17
Falcons @ Cowboys- Cowboys win 31-20

AFC Wild Card Weekend
Steelers @ Raiders- Steelers win 28-7
Bengals @ Texans- Bengals win 17-14

NFC Divisional Playoffs

Saints @ 49ers- Saints win 31-24
Cowboys @ Packers- Packers win 42-21

AFC Divisional Playoffs
Steelers @ Patriots- Patriots win 21-10
Bengals @ Ravens- Ravens win 16-13

NFC Conference Championship

Saints @ Packers- Packers win 42-38

AFC Conference Championship

Patriots @ Ravens- Ravens win 20-17

Super Bowl 46- Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana

Ravens @ Packers- Packers win 38-17

Who do you think will win it all?? Any Surprises in your playoff picture?

3 responses to “NFL Playoff Picture

  1. I’m with you on the AFC (except I see NE or PIT coming out).

    In the NFC I think either CHI or DET makes the playoffs over the Giants. the G-Men have one less win and 2 games with DAL left, so it will be tough.

    I hope we’re both right and the Jets dont make it i!

    • I just can’t see Chicago making it without Jay Cutler. And I would love to see Detroit make it over the Giants, but they’re so dysfunctional right now I don’t know what to think.

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