My Favorite Games- Week 13


Thursday Game– Eagles lost to Seahawks 31-14. Look, I like Vince Young, but this is just hard to watch. The only fun part is seeing the rest of the team implode, much like the Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals.

My Favorite 3 Games

Packers @ Giants-Packers win 32-10

Titans @ Bills- Bills win 17-10.

Lions @ Saints- Saints Win 28-24

What are your favorite games this weekend?

5 responses to “My Favorite Games- Week 13

  1. I also want to see if the Pats can put 50 up on the Colts and if the Bengals can send a message to the Steelers that they are for real in the AFC North.

  2. Titans take the Bills, of course.

    Poor Vince Young, he’s too eratic and fragile.

    Speaking of imploding, what has happened to the Giants?

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