Friday Top 3

Thursday Night Game

Atlanta HAMMERED the poor, hapless Jags 41-14- Am I the only one who starts to have pity on Jacksonville and their fans at about this point every season?

My 3 Favorite Games of Week

Detroit @Oakland– Both teams are losing grasp of playoff spots, and both need this win. The balance leans towards the Lions with Suh back in the lineup. Detroit wins, 34-17

New England @Denver– Tom Brady vs. Denver’s overachieving defense. Tim Tebow vs. New England’s porous defense. I am so glad I don’t put money on games. I hope I’m wrong, because I’m a homer, but I believe Brady will take this personal and have a 500 yard game. Patriots win 38-17

Pittsburgh @San Fransisco– This will be a great game for those of us who love a low scoring, hard fought game. I like the 49ers, but I think they will be losing to the 2nd best team in the AFC North. Steelers win 16-13

2 responses to “Friday Top 3

  1. No, I feel for Jags fans too.

    New England / Denver is very intriguing, but Denver takes it with the home field advantage TT magic

    Detroit is due

    Steelers rise to the challenge. Are the 49ers the most improved team from last year?

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