The MVP award is always a hot button issue in any sport. Winners get bonuses, cars, and a nice shiny trophy. Most are voted on by experts who pick based on a number of categories, including likeability, stats, wins, even personal bias. They are often the best player in their league, but rarely the most valuable. The most valuable player, to me, is the player who’s team would not be the same without them. I know Aaron Rodgers is going to win, and he should, but if not for his crazy good season, I wonder how the voting would play out. Here’s how my ballot would look if I had a vote for NFL MVP:

Tim Tebow- We have all heard about it. His stats aren’t great. His mechanics are awful. My contention is that with the same defense, running backs, and even losing his most productive receiver (Brandon Lloyd) Tim Tebow has taken the Denver Broncos from 1-4 to 8-5.

Peyton Manning- We know this story, too.  Perennial playoff team and even Super Bowl centenders lose player and could be the second team to go winless in a 16 game season. It’s fun to laugh at the Colts now, but I’m real scared of a Manning-trained Andrew Luck (or maybe Robert Griffin III???).

Fred Jackson- I don’t know that we can put this whole team on Fred Jackson’s shoulders, but they have not been the same since he went down. The Bills were the trendy pick to win the AFC East (I did it) early in the year, but now they look like the old Buffalo team we all know and love.

Jahvid Best- Ndamukong Suh is crazy, sure, but this was a good team until Jahvid Best went down. I also picked the Lions to surprise people in the playoffs, but they may not even get a wild card. Same old Lions.

Who’s your pick for the NFL player their team would most miss if they left?

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