NBA Power Rankings

We are now right around the halfway point of the NBA shortened season, and it has been a doozy. The Clippers have not been a disappointment. Linsanity is beautiful. The 76ers are good. Deron Williams really wants out of NJ (is he ever happy?). LeBron hinting that he wants to go back home. And I haven’t written about anything since the season started. There is such a beautiful well and I refuse to draw from it. I have no idea what is wrong with me. I will continue the insanity and not blog about any of this right now. I will wait until they are all completed and throw a fury of posts at you and see if you can handle it. To tie you over, here are my Top 10 NBA teams:

1.) Miami Heat– The Heat are playing great ball and remaining the quiet favorite the take the #1 spot in the East with everyone remaining healthy.

2.) San Antonio Spurs– 9-game winning streak, the last 5 on the road, 2nd toughest strength of schedule in the West, and Manu just came back! Tomorrow night’s showdown in Clipperland will be a great matchup.

3.) Chicago Bulls– The Bulls could easily be #1, and when Rose comes back healthy, no doubt they will be (my money is on these Bulls to be in the Finals), but the most impressive thing about this team is how they are winning without Derrick Rose.

4.) Oklahoma City Thunder– Word on the street is that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are unhappy with each other. They may be, but they are playing mature and (mostly) unselfish ball to keep racking up the wins.

5.) L.A. Clippers– It’s really weird talking about the Clips being a Top 5 NBA team, but it’s hard to argue with their best record through 25 games since 1984.

6.) Philadelphia 76ers– Philly leads the league in wins by 20 points or more. They are a young team playing solid basketball against good teams.

7.) Atlanta Hawks– Atlanta has a losing record against teams that are over .500, but it is the second best record in the East. And, they looked pretty good in an OT win over Orlando earlier this week.

8.) Indiana Pacers– Indiana has played less than 1/3 of its games at home so far, so expect their record to get some more padding during the second half of the season.

9.) Dallas Mavericks– The Mavs are really coming together and playing well as a team as the season moves on. Now, halfway through, it’s time for these veteran players to have the system down.

10.) L.A. Lakers- I was hoping to leave the Lakers off this list, but I couldn’t in good conscience do it. Especially after Kobe hit the 16th game winner inside of 5 seconds in his career- most of anybody since he’s been in the league.


Did your team make the list? Who would you replace in this list?


7 responses to “NBA Power Rankings

  1. Great rankings!! Couldnt agree with you more, especially considering the fact that all the major rankings still dont have the spurs high enough for my liking! But what else is new, and we like flying under the radar. I cant wait for saturday’s clips match up! Good measuring stick to see us match up against some extremely talented young guys!

  2. No, I think you have the Spurs where they should be. With their bench of young talent playing so well, and with Manu and TJ Ford coming back, they are tough. I have the Bulls to take top honors in the East.

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