Peyton Manning to the Broncos

Peyton Manning visited the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals last week, and has some more teams scheduled over the next week or so. According to “Sources,” (Who is this “Sources” guy anyways?) Peyton has it narrowed down to four teams: The Broncos, Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, and Tennessee Titans.

Here’s why, as a Broncos’ fan, I want him to stay out of Denver:

I love Peyton Manning. I love how hard he has worked, I love his love for the game, and I love his sense of humor. Nobody has ever had a bad thing to say about Peyton, as a person. I hate that the Colts dropped him, that was completely wrong of them to do to a man who has given that team so much. (I’m not a blind sports fan, I understand the idea of rebuilding from the ground up, it’s a business, after all.) We always talk about players not being loyal, but when teams are disloyal, it’s always a “business decision.” I think that Peyton can still play, and will turn whatever team he signs with into an immediate contender.

The Broncos have a lot to offer Peyton Manning. We have almost $50 million in cap room, a pair of really good, young receivers, a decent line (something he never had in Indy), one of the best defenses in the league (again, new to him), and it’s a really nice place to live. Team President John Elway would be a great post-retirement mentor. Peyton would help the Broncos win the AFC West title every year (it’s a very soft division) and he wouldn’t have to face Tom Brady twice a year (Dolphins), or the Texans (Titans), and wouldn’t have to face his brother on the way to a Super Bowl (Cardinals). These are all the positives.

I only have one negative. Peyton is probably looking for a four year deal (that’s how long he had left in Indy). That’s fair, I think he probably has a good four years left. As a Bronco fan, I don’t want to give him more than two. Four is risky (especially if he turns out not to be healthy this year), but two will give him plenty of time to finish up his career, teach Tebow a few things, and retire while he can still walk. If the Broncos sign him for more than two years, we can most likely say goodbye to Tebow in Denver, and I’m not ready to do that. I’m still not convinced that Elway isn’t looking for a reason to get rid of Tebow.

So, long story short, I think the signing of Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos would mean that Tebow is gone, and I’m not willing to give up Tebow (potential to be the long-term answer) for Manning (potential for short-term success).

Where do you think Peyton Manning will end up?

5 responses to “Peyton Manning to the Broncos

  1. Leaning towards the Cards, just cuz my good friend Sources keeps sayin’ so.

    This was fun to read, as the first paragraph or so I’m thinking to myself, “if I were a Broncos fan, would I want a new QB? Don’t they have Tebow? I wonder if this post is going to be about Tebow?” 🙂 Kuh-ching. Payday. I guessed it… give me my prize.

  2. I’m with the bearded one, I think he’ll end up in ‘Zona. He’s played in a dome his entire career, can’t see him going to play in Denver now at the end. Plus, Arizona has no state income tax.

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