Church Hunters: Dallas

It’s very hard to find a church in Dallas.

I know, there are like a million in the Dallas area. I’m right in the middle of the Bible-Belt.

Ironically, that doesn’t make it any easier to find a church.

Autumn and I have been to many, many churches looking for the perfect place to call home. People our age are leaving church at alarming rates, for reasons that can be found here, but I still think it’s important to be in church. I’ll admit that I am not excited about it. I have been let down by churches many times, and every one we try that becomes a dead end just makes us more discouraged about the whole process. Added to the fact that we really don’t know how to find a church (is there a step-by-step process?) and it just becomes a crazy, stressful venture. So I’m reaching out to you guys for suggestions.

There are a few things we are looking for in a church:

1.) They must be loving- I don’t only mean towards me and my fellow church members, but also to those on the outside. I don’t want to hear any gay-bashing, cynicism, or ignorance. Everyone is to be treated with love.

2.) They must preach the Bible- This seems obvious, but it’s surprising to me how many churches don’t crack open a Bible on Sunday Morning.

3.) The music has to be decent- I understand accepting anyone into the music team who wants to be there, but if their voice is awful, it’s going to take away from the process.

4.) There needs to be a range of ages- I don’t want to go to a church of young people. Nor do I want to be surrounded by old people. I want all ages, to become friends with many generations. I want to hear war stories, bits of wisdom, from those who have gone before and can tell me what does and does not work.

5.) Don’t be too trendy with the name- If your church name ends in “e”, (i.e. CrossPointe) the chances of me going exponentially decrease. Also, having “Life” or “Experience” in the title doesn’t help either. Can it just be called a church?

There are some things on this list that I would be willing to bend on, but that’s pretty much how I’m filtering.

How do you go about finding a church? Any points I missed? Am I being too picky?

16 responses to “Church Hunters: Dallas

  1. have you tried Watermark? (no “Life” “Experience” or “e”!) This is where Andre and I go and we think it’s really great. It is large, but I don’t think it feels like we’re lost. However, you may be looking for something more intimate. We are also in a Community Group that we joined through Watermark and it has changed out lives in just a few months. But choosing a church is hard for sure, and such a personal decision, it took Andre and I a while and we finally had to realize we needed to plug in where God wanted us, and not where all our friends or family went.
    If you want to go y’all are totally welcome to come with us anytime! No hurt feelings if you’ve already tried it and didn’t like it though! 🙂

    • We actually have tried it, and although we had no real problems with anything that happened during service, there are a few things they do that I disagree with (not in a “those people aren’t Christians” way, but in a “I don’t think I’d do that” way.) and, it’s true, we are looking for something a little smaller. Part of the reason it’s been so hard to get excited about church is because I lead a bible study with some friends and it’s incredible. We still need to hang out! I’m gonna facebook you. 🙂

  2. Try going and visiting without the list. The main thing is that you want to find God at work there. If He is at work there and you grow close to the poeple, then the scripture “love will cover a multitude of sins” will keep your heart when someone does something wrong that upsets you. “People are people, nothing more. God is God, nothing less.” The perfect church will never come your way. If you do find one, it may not be so perfect after you join!

    • Sometimes you number 1 and number 2 on the list may conflict if they are preaching the “whole counsel of God” that is pointed out in Timothy. The word reproves, rebukes, etc. In doing that people will get offended even if it is handed out in gentle, loving and tactful ways.

      • I don’t disagree. I think it’s important to preach the word without holding back. But there is a way to rebuke in loving, gentle way and still be accepting of the sinful person (which we all are) I’m not looking for perfection. I’m more looking for acceptance of that imperfection, not a false bravado.

        Thanks for the input!

  3. Got ya. It is so hard visiting churches to find where you are to go. Yes – got what you say about acceptance in loving ways. Some know how, but many don’t. Hope you tell us when you do find a church.

  4. Finding a church home is an awkward process isn’t it? It’s like going on a date with someone who is already your Lord with a different chaperone there who has different rules on how you are suppose to interact (that might be a poor analogy, but you know what I’m saying). Jeran and I spent 2 and a half years looking for a church home and ended up where we did not expect. The only advice I could give is that you shouldn’t not go somewhere because of something you’ve heard, see things for yourself before you make a decision about a church. Everyone is at a different place in their walk and has a different perspective on a church… Anywho, praying for you.

  5. It took us over a year to finally get settled in a church in Auburn. Man I hate church hunting. Seems like every time you visit it’s a special Sunday, and the youth are performing some skit they learned at camp, or the pastor is out of town, or whatever.

  6. Looking for a church is hard, because it’s difficult to figure out how healthy the church is. Not in a “new building” way, but just trying to figure out what their values really are. Also, I’m only mildly offended at the life and experienced part since my blog has both of those words in it 🙂

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