Top 10 NBA Players

As the NBA season winds down, I’d like to throw out a surprisingly controversial list. Friday night, some friends and I went out to watch the Spurs-Lakers game with a Lakers fan. We didn’t watch much of the game, partially because it was a blowout (in the Spurs’ favor, of course) and partially because we had many heated NBA-themed debates. One of them was the 10 best players in the NBA debate. I decided to post mine in order to jumpstart my NBA playoff posts.

I chose my players based on a few things, and although I try not to be biased, I’m sure I am. Below is the ultimate super team (over the past 3-4 years):

10. Carmelo Anthony– This will probably be my most controversial pick, but you can’t argue with his pure shooting and greatly improved defense.

9. Dirk Nowitzki– Still one of the best players of all time, and playing exceptionally well for his age.

8. Deron Williams– Excellent passer and leader on a terrible Nets team, but I don’t see him as the best PG in the league.

7. Dwyane Wade– I can’t argue that he isn’t an incredible player (he’s in my Top 10) but I have always thought he was overrated by the media.

6. Chris Paul– I would take this PG on my team over any other in the league, with his scoring ability, defense, leadership, and crazy passes.

5. Dwight Howard– Easily the best C in the league, probably the best defender, but needs to work on his offense, mostly the shooting aspect.

4. Kobe Bryant– Aged a bit, now lacking the ability to take over games at will, and hampered by injury, but I’m still scared of him.

3. Derrick Rose– I have to respect his MVP award, and I think it was well deserved, but still has some work to do before I’ll consider him the best overall in the league.

2. Kevin Durant– Best shooter in the league, by far. He gains a new edge with every season, and his defense continually improves, but lacks a post game for a PF.

1. LeBron James– A very unique player, he can take over games at will, defend any position, play any position, and shoot from anywhere on the court, but still seems scared to have the game rest on his shoulders.

Honorable Mention: Rajon Rondo, Blake Griffin, Steve Nash, Kevin Love

Who are your Top 10? Did I leave anybody out?

6 responses to “Top 10 NBA Players

    • Thought about them, but honestly I wouldn’t take either of them over the PGs I listed, plus the honorable mention one. I love TP, and he’s a Top 5 PG, but not a Top 10 overall player in my book.

    • I think Griffin could be there as soon as next year, but I feel like he isn’t dominant yet. I believe he’ll get there though.

      Ugh, as a Spurs fan, I hated John Stockton.

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