Deep Artists

I was raised listening to Christian music. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I wasn’t able to listen to any other music because it was obviously devil music. When I got into high school, i obviously started listening to whatever I wanted, and when I got into college I realized that music does not have a soul, and therefore cannot be deemed “Christian” or “non-Christian.” I still think lyrics are important, and most of my music taste is based on the lyrics of the particular artist. As I have matured, I have come to appreciate authenticity in art over lame lyrics. I have come across bands that, although they may not claim Christianity, or any form of spirituality, have insightful, affirming, and altogether deep and honest lyrics.

I also love rap because of how many words per second these guys can fit into one second. I’m not talking Lil’ Wayne or Ludacris (although both were good before they got outrageously large), but more talented people who hone their craft and don’t rap about money and women. For true talent, try checking out Mackelmore, Atmosphere, or The Procussions. I love artists who create their art with a foundation of truth. I want to hear about those artists that are honestly seeking to know truth better. I want to support people who aren’t afraid to dig deeper.

So, I would like to know your favorite “Deep Artists.” I want those musicians who sing/rap/scream with honesty, whether they’re Christian or not!

Here’s mine:


Mumford & Sons

The Avett Brothers


Who are your favorite “hidden” Christian-like artists? Also, can you think of a name we can call these artists?

4 responses to “Deep Artists

  1. Not sure he is a “Christian Artist” but Zach Williams is one of my new favorites (If you like a folksy/bluesy style of music).
    A few Christian Artist that I like, and don’t feel so overly gushy are: NEEDTOBREATHE, Owl City, Mat Kearney, SAMESTATE, MAE, and I’m sure plenty others

    I agree though… Raised on Christian only and began listening to whatever in middle school/high school. I definitely think it’s wise to think of the lyrics that are subliminally going into your head. I do know that the more I listen to Christian or up-lifting, non-Christian music, the better I feel. Since I’ve listened to Christian music all my life, I’ve learned how to find the good Christian music without having to listen to the gushy Christian music I don’t care for either.

    • I agree, which is why it took me so long to find NEEDTOBREATHE. I have this problem where if Christians like it, I don’t give it a shot cuz it must not be good haha. Mae is one of my favorites too!

  2. Austin,

    I enjoyed this post. My music taste is pretty eclectic so I don’t always listen to the same thing once. I may listen to Anberlin one minute and War of Ages the next. Both are Christian bands.

    I have a section on my blog that I highlight the song of the week every Saturday. I generally listen to music where the lyrics speak into my heart whether Christian or not and I always try and see the message behind the lyrics first and almost always it resonates into the depths of who I am as a person.

    Some artists I find myself listening to are:

    Florence + The Machine, War of Ages, Mat Kearney, Elevation Worship, Demon Hunter, Adele, The Fray, Jesus Culture, NEEDTOBREATHE, & Augustana,

    • That’s a great idea! I’ll have to check that out! I love most of those same bands, but you have given me a couple to check out, Thanks! Thanks for stopping by!

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