NBA Playoffs Top 10

These NBA Playoffs, while surprising in some ways, have not been overly exciting. There have been moments, here and there, that have been exciting, but overall we have seen lopsided games, no real fights, and a lot of injuries. There are still plenty of things to love about the NBA, though (especially if you’re a Spurs fan).

Here are my Top 10 favorite things about the first month (ish) of the 2012 NBA Playoffs:

10.) The San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder will be playing for the Western Conference crown. It will be a great series, and I call the Spurs in 6.

9.) Watching the Miami Heat struggle through their series with the Indiana Pacers.

8.) Watching the Pacers play really good basketball.

7.) The Spurs are unbeaten and healthy so far in the playoffs. This is why I think we have a legit run in store.

6.) Amare Stoudemire cutting his hand open.

5.) The Los Angeles Lakers are out, and were nearly swept. This picture sums it up nicely.

4.) Watching the Los Angeles Clippers have a successful season. I feel bad for teams that have been bad that long.

3.) I’m looking ahead, but the prospect of a Finals matchup for the Spurs against the Boston Celtics or Miami Heat is making me drool.

2.) The Spurs getting much more media attention. This article even makes a case for this team to be among the Greatest of all Time.

1.) This is one of my new favorite pictures of all time:

Get it? Cuz Chris Bosh looks like a Raptor. Avatar is also a valid comparison.

3 responses to “NBA Playoffs Top 10

  1. nice! Love both pics! I guess you didnt see the one with timmy joking on the bench with parker and manu (Caption: Remember that time the Clippers were up by 24?) it was funny…. Go Spurs and I think this West Conference Finals will be the true NBA Finals round! Spurs in 6

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