Top 10-Bucket List

I think everyone has a list of things they would like to do before they die. Some people are adventurous, and want to skydive. I have no interest in that, and since this is my blog I am happy to call those people insane. Some want to climb a mountain, and I’m good with that one. Some people want to travel the world, which I would love to do. I have been listing things I want to do before I die for a few years now, and I have even gotten to accomplish some of them. I was actually able to pet a penguin a few years back at the Dallas World Aquarium, which was a dream come true, and I wasn’t even in Antarctica! I also camped with some friends in a public parking lot a few years ago, which, believe it or not, was on my list.

Anyways, I like looking forward to and hoping for things on this list. It gives me something tangible to reach for, and a sense of accomplishment when I complete them.

Here are my Top 10 Bucket List items:

  1.  Attend a World Cup
  2.  Attend The Olympics
  3. Catch a Blue Marlin
  4. Travel the World- specifically Thailand, New Zealand, and Italy
  5. Meet My Father
  6. Hunt and kill a bear
  7. Go on a true African Safari
  8. Ride a train
  9. Own a restaurant
  10. Own a pet shark- A real one, like a Reef Shark, not like a Bala Shark

Sorry for all you guys who thought “skydiving” should make the list. I have no intentions of jumping out of an airborne plane.

So, what’s on your list?

13 responses to “Top 10-Bucket List

  1. Here’s my Bucket list:

    Go to Disneyland

    Build a bear at the Build a Bear workshop.

    Ride an elephant

    Go on a cruise

    See Natalie grant in concert

    Drive a Lamborghini/Own a purple Lamborghini 

    Own a fluffy white smush face cat (Persian)

    Go to a MAVS game

    Ride on a gondola

    Gamble in Las Vegas

    Get a Friday the 13th tattoo

    Eat at Hooters

    Run a half marathon

    Own a pair of Jordans

    Build a giant sandcastle 

  2. Travel from the Southern tip of Argentina to Alaska by bicycle.
    Complete an Ironman
    Lose my Virginity.

  3. Can I be with you when you hunt and kill a bear? Witnessing this at a safe distance while holding a .45 lever action rifle (just in case… gotta have your back) is on my bucket list…

  4. I like your list… World Cup and bear hunting would both be life changing events for sure.

    Here are a few I’d list:

    -Running a small farm
    -Recording a studio album with my wife
    -Writing a book (that someone other than my mom reads)
    -Dunking over any player on the Spurs, and laughing as they run away in shame (you did say fantasy bucket list, right? Cool…)

    • Thanks!

      A farm would be pretty cool. I’m not very musical, but learning an instrument would be on the extended edition. I definitely want to write a book, I wasn’t sure if that was “bucket list” material haha but that’s probably my main goal right now. And good luck dunking over an NBA player! Although, Duncan is a nice guy, maybe he’ll let you take a whack. Although, even if it was uncontested, I would still need to drop the rim a few feet.

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