On Being Thankful

When I worked camps, I would hear teenagers say all the time, “I can’t wait to go to college” or “I can’t wait to grow up” and I would tell them, “Don’t wish that. Being an adult sucks.”

There is truth to what I said. Bills to pay, responsibilities to maintain, jobs to wake up to, and (perhaps the worst part) no summer vacation. But, in dealing with these stresses, there is always something I forget to do, and maybe you forget it too. (Please tell me you forget it sometimes, also.)

I forget to be thankful.

When meeting with some dear old friends this past weekend, I was reminded to be thankful. I was pointed to this verse:

Psalm 50:23

That’s real life. Giving thanks is a sacrifice. Sometimes I don’t feel like giving thanks. I just want to mope around, pouting while watching movies. That’s when being thankful is a true sacrifice.

When I got back home after being encouraged by that verse, I thanked God. I then proceeded to hang up art and pictures around my apartment (it’s only been 4 months since I moved in, don’t judge). I felt lighter. A weight had been lifted, even though my circumstances didn’t change.

So, my encouragement to you this day, is to be thankful. Dance, sing, pray, whatever that looks like for you, just be thankful.

What are you thankful for? How do you express thanks?

2 responses to “On Being Thankful

  1. That’s awesome, Austin! And I really needed to hear this today. God wants to be honored with my thanks, and I have such a hard time focusing on what He’s given me. Nice post.

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