NOPE List: Crazy Sports

This is a continuation of my weekly Nope! List. Things that are featured here are things that will make you say “NOPE!” when you see/read/hear them. It may be stories, pictures, videos, basically whatever I find in my forays around the interwebs. Let me know in the comments or email ( if you know of something that should be featured!

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love sports. Some would say that I love them a bit too much. I would disagree. The Olympics start today, in case you hadn’t heard, and there is no shortage of weird, crazy competitions in this celebration of athleticism. Things like shooting, equestrianism, trampolining, archery (and shooting), and speedwalking all make an appearance in this summer’s games. In past Olympics, you could have watched live pigeon shooting, tug of war, rope climb, and solo synchronized swimming.

With the Olympics starting today, I think it’s appropriate to talk about some of the weirder non-Olympic sports that actually exist. A couple of these may have you saying “Nope!”

This first one reminds me of a real-life version of one of my favorite old-school video games-NBA Jam. It’s called SlamBall and it looks like a blast:

I’m not actually positive that this sport is real, but if it is I’ll watch it every day. Bubble Football (soccer):

This sport is real, it it certainly makes me super-Nope-out. It’s called Ultimate Tak Ball and it looks like it hurts real bad:

This sport isn’t real, but I watched the whole video not knowing that. And I was laughing the whole time.

So, what is your favorite non-sport competition?

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