Interviews: Jason Barr

A few weeks ago, I asked some of my good friends and fellow bloggers a few sports related questions and most of them were gracious enough to answer. Today, we will hear from my pastor, Jason Barr. Follow him on Twitter!
What is your favorite sport to watch? Baseball is my favorite sport…period.  However, I may actually enjoy watching college football more.  Play?  I enjoy playing softball.  There’s nothing like competing against a bunch of overweight has beens at what is essentially a sport created for women.  I don’t play much basketball anymore, but I will kill you in PIG.  See highlights of on SportsCenter?  Baseball highlights are my favorite.  Could watch them all day long.  
What is/are your favorite team/s? Cubs…Cowboys…Mavs/Thunder (I don’t get too passionate about the NBA though)…Arkansas Razorbacks (for all college sports).  
What is the most creative mascot? This is a tough one.  A few mascots come to mind.  The Boll Weevils of the University of Arkansas at Monticello.  Richland College, right here in Dallas are the Thunderducks.  And I’ve always been fascinated with the Temple Owl mascot that stands and flaps its wings for the entire basketball game.  
Who is your favorite player in any sport?  Michael Jordan is still my all-time favorite player.  Current players come up way short when I measure them against him.  Not only is he my favorite basketball player, he’s my favorite baseball player.  He’s that awesome.  
What is your favorite moment in sports that you have been alive to see?  So many choices.  I’ll go with one I actually witnessed live, and just happened to be my first MLB game.  It was at the old Texas Stadium, and the Rangers just happened to be playing a double header that night.  In one night, I saw Nolan Ryan pitch (and he was on fire)…a bench clearing brawl…and Carlton Fisk hit a home run to set the record for most home runs by a catcher in MLB history.  He no longer holds the record, but I was there when he broke it.  Pretty amazing night.  
What about sports (professional or otherwise) do you like? I love watching people whom are the best at what they do, compete against people whom are the best at what they do.  Dislike?  I dislike the curse of the billy goat, the New York Yankees, and players that chase championships.  
In what capacity do you think God cares about sports? I don’t know that God cares very much at all about sports, especially as it relates to winning and losing.  However, I do believe that when Christian athletes play in a way that honors and glorifies God, that He definitely cares about that.  What are your thoughts on prayer before games? Praying to God for protection from injuries is fine…praying that you play your best and bring honor to God is fine…praying for God to help you win is a little silly in my opinion.  
If you were given the choice to be gifted at any professional sport, what sport and position would you choose? I would definitely be a professional baseball player, and I’d be a starting pitcher.  Why?  I’m left-handed, so I could get away without having great “stuff” simply because I was left-handed, and left-handed pitching is in such short supply they often have longer careers than righties.  Also, I would only have to pitch every five days, and could play lots of golf in between starts.  
Thanks, Jason!

One response to “Interviews: Jason Barr

  1. “There’s nothing like competing against a bunch of overweight has beens at what is essentially a sport created for women.” 🙂 I’m so going to steal this line.

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