Interviews: Kevin Haggerty

A few weeks ago, I asked some of my good friends and fellow bloggers a few sports related questions and most of them were gracious enough to answer. Today, we will hear from Kevin Haggerty. He blogs at and tweets at @kevinrhaggerty. Check him out!
What is your favorite sport to watch? Play? See highlights of on SportsCenter?
What is/are your favorite team/s?
L.A. Lakers
What is the most creative mascot? Why?
The Southeast Georgia Technical Institute “Babystealers” 
Who is your favorite player in any sport?
Kobe Bryant
What is your favorite moment in sports that you have been alive to see?
Kirk Gibson’s homerun
What about sports (professional or otherwise) do you like? Dislike?
I like being able to see guys who are seemingly superhuman perform athletic feats that allow me to live through them vicariously. I dislike the prima donnas — and the guys who shoot themselves in strip clubs.
In what capacity do you think God cares about sports? What are your thoughts on prayer before games?
I think He always wants us to give our best and to try and be excellent. But I don’t believe He cares who wins an athletic competition. That seems silly to me. When I was coach, I never prayed we would win, but that we would glorify Him with our effort and our attitude.
If you were given the choice to be gifted at any professional sport, what sport and position would you choose? Why?
I’d want to be a point guard in the NBA. It’s my favorite sport. I’ve played, coached…even reffed. I love the game, my body just never really lived up to its part.
Thanks Kevin!

6 responses to “Interviews: Kevin Haggerty

    • I used to love baseball, but I backslid in high school. When I came to Dallas for college and went to some Rangers’ games, I started enjoying it again. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. All love of sports was burned out of me at a young age. I mean I can get into it if other people are watching I’ll watch, but don’t look for it the rest of the time.

    I’ve been to games, and such, but I’m investing elsewhere.

      • Well, you know, when your dad makes fun of how you bat when practicing with a Johnny Bench Batter Up, and then stalks off in frustration? Sports become less of a priority. Maybe I decided not to like them because he loved sports so much.

      • That’s unfortunate. I understand, I had a stepdad that did the same type of things. I think that’s why I never got too competitive, or worked very hard at sports. I still enjoy watching them (and playing) but I didn’t get that competitive spirit that a lot of guys have. I also think that when I was younger I used sports as an escape of sorts.

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