Doing Good: Eyes That See

This is the “Doing Good” portion of my blog, where I spotlight a company that is doing good. I’ll give you some background and info in hopes that you will check them out and pass their name around! And if you know any companies that should be featured, feel free to email them to me:

I discovered Eyes That See over the weekend and immediately fell in love. I came across this beauty while reading the mission statement: “dedicated to exposing the full worth of children, families, and communities worldwide through education and development.” I love that.

Their 10C Dabo program really spoke to me, and seeing the pictures of the kids broke my heart. I love having sustainable business practices, and setting people up with land and micro-loans, but the way that I understand the Scripture, and namely James 1:27, is that we are called to love and feed, chiefly. I really want to join these guys and meet up with some of the kids. Maybe one day it will happen!

Eyes That See

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