Interviews: Bryan Allain

A few weeks ago, I asked some of my good friends and fellow bloggers a few sports related questions and most of them were gracious enough to answer. Today, we will hear from Bryan Allain. He blogs at and tweets at @bryanallain. On top of all of that, he wrote the best (and funniest) book on blogging I have ever read, 31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo.  He has been a huge mentor for me in this writing process. Check him out!
What is your favorite sport to watch? Play? See highlights of on SportsCenter?
fave sport to watch – NFL Football. Sunday afternoons were made for this. Throw on the Red Zone Channel on DirecTV (the one hosted by Andrew Siciliano) and I am an immovable object on the couch.
In terms of playing probably baseball (softball). This is the first year I haven’t played on a modified fast-pitch softball team in 11 years, I’ve always loved it. I love shooting hoops too, but nothing beats shagging fly balls in centerfield.
SportsCenter Highlights? I’ll take em all.
What is/are your favorite team/s?
I was born and raised in New England so I’m a die hard Red Sox fan. They are my favorite team by a longshot. I root for the Celtics, occasionally follow the Bruins, and I like to see the Patriots and Cowboys (my dad has always been a huge Cowboys fan) do well in the NFL. No real team I root for in the college ranks. That’s what happens when you grow up in New England.
What is the most creative mascot? Why?
Not sure I have a winner here, but my least favorite mascot is the Philly Fanatic. I was at a Phillies-Red Sox preseason game a few years ago and that dude took my hat off my head and starting beating my head with the brim of my hat. I wanted to push him over onto his fat green butt…but since I was surrounded by half-drunk Phillies fans I figured I should just let it go.
Who is your favorite player in any sport?
Maybe Dustin Pedroia for the Red Sox. Dude has been told at every level that he’s too small, and at every level he proves them wrong. Not only does he crush it at Arizona State (where he gave up the last two years of his scholarships so that ASU could recruit better pitchers), but he gets drafted by the Red Sox in the 2nd round, wins Rookie of the Year in his first season, and league MVP his second season. And you can throw in a couple gold gloves as well. All at 5’7″. Love him.
 What is your favorite moment in sports that you have been alive to see?
The Red Sox coming back to beat the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS. I get chills just typing that. The Roberts steal in Game 4, the drama of games 5 and 6, and then Johnny Damon’s grand slam in the 2nd inning of Game 7 to give us a lead we would never relinquish. After the heartache of 2003 (and the 85 years before that), it was amazing. Oh, and winning the World Series later that month was great too.
What about sports (professional or otherwise) do you like? Dislike?
I love that it is the only truly unscripted entertainment that we have. You never know what is going to happen. And having played most of the sports that I watch (if only in my backyard), I can relate to what is happening as I watch. I know what it’s like to sink a jumper, to make a diving catch, to intercept a pass, and to do a reverse windmill dunk on a 10-foot rim. Okay, maybe not that last one.
As for what I dislike? I love baseball but I think they need to shorten the games by 45 minutes. Figure it out folks! I hate the last 5 minutes of a close basketball game when teams take 4 timeouts and foul to put people on the line and it takes forever. I also think players should not foul out of games. Once they get 6 fouls give the other team 3 free throws for every foul after that, but dont take them out of the game! Oh and I HATE the way players take charges in the NBA these days. Drives me insane! You should not be able to slide over in a guy’s way as he’s heading to the rim. It should be a block or a no-call unless he bowls over you on purpose. That never happens in pickup games and shouldnt happen in the pros.I also wish sporting events didnt start so late. Being on the East Coast, my son and I can’t stay up to watch the big games because so many of them start after 9pm EST! ridiculous.
In what capacity do you think God cares about sports? What are your thoughts on prayer before games?
I think God cares about people, not sports. I don’t think he cares about sports and more or less than he does about other careers or professions. I believe God answers the prayers of those who humbly seek him, and I believe sometimes the answers aren’t what we think they want them to be whether they are about sports or not. I tend to be a person who prays about a lot…maybe more stuff than I should? But I figure if I’m gonna err on either side, might as well give God too much credit for being involved.
Personally I would pray for safety and to do my best before a game, and just thank God for the ability and health to play. And if I was a pro athlete who was interviewed after games I would try to say the same things about God after a win or a loss. He is always good, he is always worthy of praise. That’s where I stand.
If you were given the choice to be gifted at any professional sport, what sport and position would you choose? Why?
Tough one. Playing centerfield for the Red Sox would be pretty amazing and probably atop my list.
Thanks, Bryan!

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