Doing Good: Amazima

This is the “Doing Good” portion of my blog, where I spotlight a company that is doing good. I’ll give you some background and info in hopes that you will check them out and pass their name around! And if you know any companies that should be featured, feel free to email them to me:

I first heard about Katie Davis when I attended Catalyst back in May. Essentially, she graduated high school and went to Africa for a missions trip, and never came home. She is 23 and has adopted 15 orphaned girls as her own. She started Amazima Ministries to educate, love, and feed children, mostly of the Masese community. Her little girls are adorable.

There are many ways to help. You can sponsor a child, buy jewelry, and of course, spread the word. Katie also has a book out called “Kisses from Katie”  that you should definitely purchase.

Thanks for reading!

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