Interviews: Kent Hamoud

A few weeks ago, I asked some of my good friends and fellow bloggers a few sports related questions and most of them were gracious enough to answer. Today, we will hear from one of my best friends and most awesome guys around, Kent Hamoud. Kent and I met in college. He’s from Minnesota, and that is awesome. He has police training, and is currently single (ladies…)
What is your favorite sport to watch? Play? See highlights of on SportsCenter?
(watch)Football, I watch it all day on Sundays; (play) Football if it is organized with enough people; (highlights) Soccer, I will explain.
Most baseball highlights are of an infielder making a diving stop and throwing out the runner or outfielder making a diving catch(gets old and less impressive with every one).  Football highlights are of a wr or db catching the ball in some acrobatic fashion.(impressive but I feel like I could do the same if i wore gloves that are magnetic with the ball) and basketball is dunk after dunk and buzzer beater shots.(boring and lucky).  Golf highlights are not highlights because golf is not a real sport.  Soccer highlights consist of a goal being scored in some crazy/athletic/lucky/doesn’t make sense fashion.  So much so that the play can not be repeated in the same way again because it is that unique. (the whole opinion is a bit of a generalization/cynical but I think you get the point)
What is/are your favorite team/s?
Packers and Twins.  ‘Nuff said.
What is the most creative mascot? Why?
The Stanford Cardinal.  A) It is just a color.  B) It is not plural C) The mascot is actually a tree that has nothing to do with anything, and everyone goes along with it.  For being such a prestigious school, one would think they could do better than that.
Who is your favorite player in any sport?
Pretty sure I don’t have one.  It is easy to think of the best player on my favorite team (Aaron Rodgers) but I don’t necessarily think he is my favorite.
What is your favorite moment in sports that you have been alive to see? 
A few come to mind.
1) 1995 packers season,2011 packers playoff/superbowl run.
2) Josh hamilton hr derby
3)Multiple ncaa basketball and olympic moments.
4)Seeing Lambeau Field go crazy when they made the playoffs when the Vikings lost to a pitifull Cardinals team on a desperate 4th and 20 touchdown pass with no time remaining.
I will add favorite moment that I witnessed personally.  Twins vs Tigers in game 163 in 2009.
What about sports (professional or otherwise) do you like? Dislike?
 I like how sports unite entire nations and sometimes continents in support of a team/athlete during international competitions and instills pride into people.  I.E world cup and olympics.  I find it fascinating that sports are the vehicles that get us through tragic situations.  I have noticed that times such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and other disasters to communities that people rally around the local sports teams for relief, healing and encouragement.  And the success of the team brings more joy and happiness that is unmatched and reveals a strange emotional attachment between humans and a game.
I very much dislike how every sports writer, reporter, and fan talk about they know exactly who to trade for/sign/draft as well as know what play to call and moves to make as if they can solve every teams problems and win every game.  But those people do not apply for a coaching or GM position.  Also shows that debate nothing.  such as “is jeremy lin for real?”  I don’t know about you but I am pretty sure jeremy lin is a real dude that really exists.  I also really dislike how people consider golf a sport.
In what capacity do you think God cares about sports? What are your thoughts on prayer before games? 
I don’t think God cares about sports themselves.  He cares about the coaches and athletes and what they do with their wealth and resources (for pros) and them making and impact on peoples lives because of what the accomplished/achieved(pros and non pros).  Prayer before a game is only legit if it is led by Tim Tebow.
If you were given the choice to be gifted at any professional sport, what sport and position would you choose? Why? 
You might expect me to say football since that is my favorite, but because I do not necessarily like the direction the NFL is going, i don’t think I would want to choose it over other sports.  Plus apparently no NFL player can remember his name once he turns 40.  I would want to be an center fielder who hits for power, or a striker in soccer, especially if I played in a premier league in Europe.  But I would be satisfied playing any professional sport as long as I am the best there ever was, the best there ever is, and the best there ever will be in that sport.  Except golf because that is not a real sport.

2 responses to “Interviews: Kent Hamoud

  1. oh kent… I thoroughly enjoyed this!

    And austin… since when has Kent had sports expertise? you may as well have been asking me these questions 🙂

    Kent… tell me this which is less of a sport, Golf or diving? seriously, look at half the “sports” in the olympics and you realize its more about being a gymnast than athlete.

  2. Totally with you on the soccer highlights! The same reasoning is also why soccer matches are hard to watch the whole way through. Thank you, Sports Center!

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