Top 5: Fantasy Football Mistakes

Fantasy Football season is upon us, and many of you may have drafted already. I absolutely love this game, and am participating in 4 leagues this year. I have never stretched myself with so many leagues, but I’m ready for the challenge. I have been playing for 6 years now, and noticed myself making the same mistakes every year. I can’t help it. Even after writing this, I’m still going to draft Tim Tebow. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Top 5 Fantasy Football mistakes:

  1. Following your heart– I know you love the Cowboys, but don’t take their defense in the first round. I am 100% on this so far, drafting Tim Tebow and the Broncos defense in both of my drafts.
  2. Picking players that are currently injured and have no timetable to return– I am pretty wary of injured players, so this isn’t much of an issue for me, but last year a friend took Peyton Manning first overall in one of my drafts and he was stuck with him all year while Peyton sat in the owner’s box and I laughed.
  3. Not researching– I’m not really sure if this is a mistake, because I have played in about 20 leagues prior to this year and have researched really hard and made the playoffs once. I’m wingin’ it this year, so I’ll let you know how it goes.
  4. Picking players based on their name- Last year, my roommate played his first year of Fantasy, which he called “Fantasy Ball” and in the draft he asked me to help. I realized about midway through that he was picking players based on their name. I don’t really know his criteria, I think he just picked names that sounded cool to him. He didn’t win.
  5. Not keeping up with your team- Generally, these are the guys I beat. They don’t keep up with injuries, bye weeks, or off-years. As much as I love an easy win, it can be frustrating, and is a sure way not to get an invitation next year.

If you avoid these mistakes, you should be fine. I’m gonna ignore them and do whatever I want, cuz I’m a grown man. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What are some mistakes you make or notice in your fantasy leagues?

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