Austin Lately

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t written in a while. Of course, you may not be wondering that at all. But I’m gonna tell you anyways. Some exciting things have happened recently, and I’m so excited to see God’s hand working in the lives of my friends and Autumn and I.

First, and most important to me, is the fact that I was finally able to ask the love of my life to be my wife. We have been on a long, pretty difficult journey, and I’m so glad to be blessed enough to be able to continue that journey. I got her two kittens and wrote “Will You” and “Marry Me” on their collar tags. Super cheesy, I know, but it was perfect. I can’t believe how nervous I was, I wanted everything to be perfect. The kitten’s names are Rambo and Fiona. Perfection.

Secondly, our really good friends bought their first house and started “clean-up” this weekend. Carpets, painting, yardwork, basically a lot going on. I am very proud of them and am excited to help out and see how everything looks when they finish making it their own. Congrats Matt and Rachel!

This isn’t really a part of my life, but I do want to mention that a blogging friend and mentor Chad Gibbs just released his new book “Love Thy Rival”. I love Chad’s writing and you will too. Pick up the book, and check out his giving campaign to make sure your team wins!

Anything exciting going on with you guys?

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