Week 2- A Review

So, I didn’t get to do a recap of Week 1 of NFL action. I sincerely apologize. But I don’t like dwelling in the past, so we are just gonna skip ahead to Week 2. Here are some things that stuck out to me, and probably you too:

  • These replacement refs are really bad. I understand that it’s not their fault, and I’m not mad at them, it’s just frustrating. I agree with Steve Young’s analysis of the situation. It’s not just bad calls. It is that, to be sure, but it’s not just that. It’s also the lack of knowledge about the rules. I would love to stage a protest to not watch NFL until the real refs are back, but I know I wouldn’t stick to it.
  • How high in the mob is Roger Goodell? He came up with a sworn affadavit proving that Jonathan Vilma was involved in the Bounty Scandal. Once he got punked out by the law of the land, he found a way to prove his point. I wonder who has had more people killed, Goodell or David Stern.
  • RGIII looks really freakin’ good. Watching the Redskins play is just like watching Baylor play last year. He’s poised, confident, and on fire. I love it.
  • Fantasy Football is a cruel game. I went 4-0 last week, and placed 2nd in the Pick ‘Em league (this is my first year). This week, I went 0-4 and fell to 10th. I got 4 points this week.
  • Football, in general, was cruel this weekend. The Cowboys and Broncos both looked downright awful this weekend.
  • There certainly seems to be more balance in the NFL this year than ever before. There are 20 1-1 teams after Week 2, the most ever. It certainly makes for some fun football watching.

Did anything stick out to you this weekend? How do you feel about your team? 

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