NFL Picks-Week 3

The first two weeks of the NFL season have been…interesting. I really like the balance that we are seeing so far. Now, I think that within the next couple of weeks the “cream will rise to the top,” if you will. It’s hard to tell what teams are for real and who are pretenders. To look ahead, and every Thursday, I will mention my Top 10 teams of this young season, as well as providing you with my Top 5 foolproof picks for this weekend. I will keep a running record, and we will see how I did at the end. (I know I’ve missed the first 2 weeks. I’m not worried about it.)

Top 10 teams of Week 3

1.) San Fransisco 49ers: I don’t see any glaring weaknesses.

2.)Atlanta Falcons: Offense is still good, but it’s the D that’s standing out so far this year.

3.) Houston Texans: Pretty easy schedule so far, this Sunday should be a good litmus test against Denver.

4.) Green Bay Packers: Beating up on the Bears was a good way to get back on track.

5.) Baltimore Ravens: I’m still not sure how they lost to Philly, but we will see how they bounce back this week.

6.) New England Patriots: I think the home loss to the Cardinals will be a definite wake-up call.

7.) Denver Broncos: Still have a chance to contend, and it’s not like Atlanta is a bad team.

8.) San Diego Chargers: Beneficiaries of an easy schedule so far, but you have to win those games, too. Ask the Cowboys.

9.) Pittsburgh Steelers: Not impressive so far, but will probably be in contention by the end of the year. 

10.) Philadelphia Eagles: They won’t get away with playing this poorly all season.

Top 5 Games of Week 3 (picks in bold)

New England at Baltimore- Baltimore’s D is too much, although I know the Pats will come out swinging after that loss last week.

Houston at Denver- I have to go with Denver. I know that Houston D is tough, though, which will make this a must-see.

Philadelphia at Arizona- Arizona. Philly can’t keep winning like this, and the Cardinals seem to have some magic this year.

Atlanta at San Diego- I’m going with Atlanta. After watching them Monday night, I might be ready to call them Super Bowl contenders.

Green Bay at Seattle- Green Bay- Seattle looked really good last week, but I still think they are just too young.

How do you feel about your team? Are you excited about any particular games?

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