Interviews: Chad Gibbs

This is the last interview of my series. I know, so sad. Chad Gibbs is one of my favorite writers, and is a great internet friend. Chad recently release his new book, “Love Thy Rival“, asking if we use our sports enthusiasm for the glory of God. My short answer is usually no. Along with that, he started a campaign along with Samaritan’s Purse to build a clinic in Haiti. There is a lot more information here. Donate in the name of your favorite team!

What is your favorite sport to watch? Play? See highlights of on SportsCenter?

College football, specifically Auburn, followed closely by EPL soccer, specifically Manchester City.
What is/are your favorite team/s?
Oops, I sort of just told you.  Auburn and Man City
What is the most creative mascot? Why?
Favorite mascot is Aubie the Tiger, most creative, maybe Stanford’s tree?
Who is your favorite player in any sport?
All-time Deion Sanders.  Right now, Mario Balotelli.
What is your favorite moment in sports that you have been alive to see?
Auburn winning the 2010 BCS National Championship, followed closely by me hitting a hole-in-one. (he keeps claiming this, but I haven’t seen video yet…)
What about sports (professional or otherwise) do you like? Dislike?
I love the atmosphere at a big game, inside the stadium and outside.  I love marching bands and bizarre cheers and all the rah rah that goes with the college game.  I really dislike watching men in suits talk about sports in serious tones, only using absolute statements.

In what capacity do you think God cares about sports? What are your thoughts on prayer before games?

I’ve asked a lot of people if they pray for their team.  I usually got one of three answers.  1) No, God is too busy to pray to about sports.  2)  Yes, I pray that they will play to the best of their ability (which I think is a sneaky way of praying for a win) 3) Yes, I pray for them to win.
I guess God cares about sports, but not the way we do.  I’d think God gets pleasure from athletes who perform to bring glory to God.  And I’d imagine us fans mostly bring displeasure, because I think it’s rare that our sports fanaticism actually brings glory to God.  I’m afraid for me usually the opposite is true.
If you were given the choice to be gifted at any professional sport, what sport and position would you choose? Why?
Something that won’t leave my body a broken mess when I’m done.  I’ll go with golf.
Thanks, Chad! And thanks to everyone who answered my questions!

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