Why I Don’t Feel Bad For The Packers-Week 3 In Review

Week 3 is hopefully the last straw for the NFL replacement refs. I feel like the games are getting more and more unwatchable as time goes on. And since the refs are starting to really affect games, I think the NFL will quickly get an agreement done. Nobody wants to talk about referees after the game, we all want to talk about the players.

But, here’s the issue I have with blaming referees for the Packers losing last night: They played terrible football. The Packers had 59 (or so) minutes to score more points than the Seahawks, and they didn’t. The Packers had every chance to put the game out of reach so that a final TD would have been moot. My old soccer coach always said that we need to have the game in hand so that nothing that anybody else does will affect us, including the refs.

Top 10 Teams-Week 4:

1.) Houston Texans– After watching them manhandle my Broncos, I can’t argue that this team is #1

2.) Atlanta Falcons– The Falcons’ Defense looks to make them into a legit contender

3.) Baltimore Ravens– Impressive win over the Pats, Torrey Smith’s performance was truly touching

4.) Arizona Cardinals– I don’t know. Impressive wins.

5.) San Fransisco 49ers– Less than impressive week, but they will bounce back

6.) New York Giants– Starting to look better and better, but still not great

7.) Seattle Seahawks– Week 1 loss to the Cardinals not looking so bad now. Defense looks great, good news for rookie qb

8.) Dallas Cowboys– Here because they look less-bad than the Eagles, but the O-Line could cost the season

9.) Chicago Bears– I don’t think they are very good

10.) Philadelphia Eagles– Mistakes finally cost a win, overall, team looks terrible

Some of you may be wondering where the Packers, Pats, Broncos, or Steelers are. I can’t put a below-500 team in the Top 10. It doesn’t make any sense.

Top 5 Games of Week 4: (picks in bold)

San Fransisco @ NY Jets- I think San Fran takes this game pretty soundly-The Jets still have issues.

New Orleans @ Green Bay– Interesting matchup for 2 under-performing teams. I’m taking Green Bay.

Seattle @ St Louis- I think this will be a great games since both teams are playing well. I’m going with Seattle, though.

NY Giants @ Philadelphia- I just think Philly is a terrible team.

Chicago @ Dallas– I’m not super impressed with either team, but I think Dallas will clean up and be more crisp this week.

How did your team look this week? Do you agree with my power rankings?

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