Week 4 In Review

Well, guys, I went 0-4 again in my fantasy football leagues. I’m not sure why I suck so bad. It’s really all-or-nothing for my teams. Either they all perform well, or they all are terrible. There is no in between.

I had a lot of controversy surrounding my “Top 10” last week, so let me clarify some things here. I may not have the same rankings as ESPN, Yahoo!, or NFL, but that’s ok. I don’t know how those guys come up with their rankings, but I’m sure I pick mine a little different. First off, let me tell you things that don’t matter to me: the coach, last years record, perceived talent, how they play in wins/losses. The things that do matter are wins. I do take strength of opponent into consideration, but if you can’t beat a good team, you’re probably not a good team, right? It’s really hard for me to put a sub-.500 team in my Top 10.


Another thing that caused a lot of controversy was me saying that the Packers didn’t deserve to win their Week 3 game against the Seahawks because they let a bad call sway the game. Let me clarify this as well: The call against the Packers was a terrible call, and the Packers should have won that game. Now, with that being said, I don’t think that the Packers lost the game SOLELY on the botched call. The Packers played terrible football in that game. The Seahawks played incredible defense. I understand that, on a professional level, every team is not going to have a blow out win. I love that. I really enjoy watching football the past couple of years because of the level of parity that exists in the NFL. But, if the Packers are supposed to be all they are cracked up to be, they should have been up by more than 5 points against the Seahawks. The same Seahawks that just lost the the St. Louis Rams. I’ll put it this way: As an avid Spurs fan, I make an attempt to watch every single Spurs game. I have witnessed, on more than a few occasions, the Spurs being up by 1-2 points on a team they should be beating soundly. Then, a phantom foul (anybody who watches the NBA knows what that is) is called against the Spurs and they player sinks 2-3 free throws and the Spurs lose, or go into overtime and lose (this doesn’t happen every time, but you catch my drift). This is the point that I’m trying to make: The better team should have been in a position where a bad call doesn’t lose them the game. With all of that being said, I don’t want to take anything away from the Seahawks defense for that game. They played out of their mind. I don’t feel bad for the Spurs when they lose on a bad call, and I don’t feel bad for the Packers, still. Hope that clears it up. You don’t have to agree, by the way.


Now, on to the Top 10:

1.) Houston Texans- Soundly beat a division rival. The way it’s supposed to be done. By the way, how early are the Texans going to wrap up the AFC South? Week 8? 9?

2.) Atlanta Falcons– It wasn’t pretty, but the Falcons got the win against Carolina. How scary is the Ryan-White duo?

3.) Arizona Cardinals– Wins matter on this blog, and the Cardinals are keeping the dream of 16-0 alive.

4.) San Fransisco 49ers– A good thumping of the Jets has this team back on the right track. This game will be remembered as the game that got Tebow in the starting QB role for the rest of the year.

5.) Baltimore Ravens– The defense wasn’t as captivating as we have come to expect from the Ravens, but if you’re gonna have an off week, I guess it’s best to have it against the Browns.

6.) Chicago Bears– The Cowboys have their problems, but the Bears came out and showed that they fixed theirs. They looked very crisp Monday night.

7.) Minnesota Vikings– The Vikings beat the “good” (1-3) Detroit Lions without scoring an offensive TD. Magic.

8.) Cincinnati Bengals– They beat the Jaguars in every phase of the game. This looks like a good team. Dalton-Green duo is 2nd scariest in the league.

9.) San Diego Chargers– This is hard, because their one loss was a drubbing at the hands of the Falcons, but they are winning the games they’re supposed to. I’m not sold on them, though.

10.) Philadelphia Eagles– I have never seen a team play worse and win games. This is also magic.

Honorable Mention: Packers (barely beat an 0-4 Saints) Broncos (middle of the road team, at best, unless this weekend vs. Patriots shows otherwise) Patriots (took care of business vs. Bills, but still not impressed yet)

Top 5 games this week (and my picks in bold):

  • Philadelphia @Pittsburgh: Both teams are playing terrible, but I’m giving this one to the Steelers because they are coming off a bye.
  • Atlanta @Washington: I just love watching RGIII. But I think the Falcons will be too much.
  • Seattle @Carolina: I don’t think anybody knows what to expect out of either of these teams. I sure don’t. If Carolina plays like they did against Atlanta, they should win. Unless the Seahawks’ D plays like they did against Green Bay. I don’t know.
  • Denver @New England: I have to believe. I think Peyton needed the Raiders to get confidence back, and the Broncos’ D should slow Brady down.
  • Houston @N.Y. Jets- I’m excited to watch Tebow start (I called Week 5, so I need it to happen) But he will be rusty, and the Texans’ D will be too much.

(2-3 last week, 5-5 on the season)

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