The past few years, as has been noted here, have been the beginning of a wonderful, lifelong relationship with the Texas Rangers. I just so happened to move to Dallas at the beginning of a wonderful time for the Texas Rangers. As a follower, I have now witnessed Sammy Sosa (along with a revolving door of other talent), the beginning of the Warsh era, the very controversial and confusing sale of the team, and the loss of 2 World Series’. As of Friday night, I can add the collapse and giveaway of the AL West title along with the loss of the first ever 1-game Wild Card playoff. Overall, I’m pretty upset with this season, and it’s not because we didn’t get to the World Series again.

First off, let me point out that I am no baseball expert. I don’t watch every Rangers game. I watch when I can, but keeping up with 162 games is just impossible. With that being said, I think the Rangers grew complacent and tired throughout the long season. They were in first place in the AL West for 178 days, and didn’t win it. I think Washington did a bad job monitoring player energy, health, and playing time. I think the overall attitude of the team was poor, maybe remembering the past two seasons that ended in heartbreak. I think the management did a poor job of bringing in new talent this year, and not replacing lost talent. I think the loss of two of our better pitchers (Feliz and Lewis) hurt more than expected. I could continue.

I don’t know what management needs to do to prepare for next season. Again, I’m not a baseball guy, so I can’t even begin to break down stats. There is one thing, though, that I’m pretty sure needs to, and is going to happen.

Josh Hamilton needs to find another team. 

This hurts me to say. Josh is my favorite Ranger, and I’d love for him to stick with the team forever. But, one thing I learned from the Tebow situation last year is that the good of the team is more important than one player. Josh is one of the best players in the league when he wants to be. The problem is, whether he blames it on caffeine, tobacco, God, or alcohol, he doesn’t always want to play baseball. Maybe he would be better taking a year off. All I know is that the Rangers can’t babysit him anymore. He drains the energy from the rest of the players. When other hitters are in slumps, they work to get out. Josh just waits for it to happen. I think his demeanor and overall attitude is terrible for the team.

There are other moves I think the Rangers should make, but none as flashy as this. I feel for the guy, but I really think he needs a change of scenery to make his mind right.

How’d your baseball team do? Are you still cheering? Or are you pouting in disappointment still?

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