A Soft Line

I learned something this week. It all started with me wondering. I have been hearing about these 8-9 sack games, and it seems like they are happening everywhere. At least twice a week there is an 8 sack game. So, I was wondering how this stacks up to previous years. I did some research, thinking that I would write this post about how the offensive lines are more terrible than ever before, or maybe it’s that the defenses have come up with great pass rushes, but we are on pace for a record setting season!

That’s not what I found. So far in 2012, there have been 358 sacks. The Cardinals lead the way with 23 given up, and the Texans have the fewest with 3. We are 5 games in (for most teams), which equals just under a third (33.3%) of the season. In 2011, for the whole year, there were 1157 sacks. If my math is correct, and I’m not saying it is, 358 is just under a third of 1157. So, rather than talk about crappy offensive lines, I just did some math for you. On to Week 6.


Top 10 Teams:

1. Houston Texans– I expected a blowout against the Jets, but a win is still a win. Losing Cushing for the year will be a big blow to the best defense in the league.

2. Atlanta Falcons– After terrible play in a win against the Redskins, I expect the Falcons to tighten up again.

3. San Fransisco 49ers– After the loss to the Vikings, the 49ers have been a wrecking ball. I don’t expect that to stop soon.

4. Baltimore Ravens– More and more, we see the offense be the hero for this team, rather than their traditional defense.

5. New England Patriots– After questionable losses, the Patriots were back to their old selves against Denver.

6. Chicago Bears– A shellacking of the Jags show the Bears may be piecing together a special team.

7. Minnesota Vikings– I expect the 2nd half of their schedule to pull out the true colors of this team, but I didn’t expect a 4-1 start, either.

8. Arizona Cardinals– The loss against the Rams was tough, but I’m going to give them a pass on this one and hope they can ride it out.

9. New York Giants– The G-Men finally showed some life after being lackluster (at best) through their first 4 games. Of course, it was against the Browns, so it’s not that great of a feat.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers– I’m not seeing anything special from this team, but the win against the Eagles was another 4th Q comeback for Big Ben.

Top 5 Games Week 6:

Indianapolis Colts @New York Jets- The Jets are just bad, and the Colts are looking pretty good after that win against GB. I’m taking the Colts.

St Louis Rams @Miami Dolphins– I would call both of these teams over-performing. Should be fun to watch.

New England Patriots @Seattle Seahawks– I believe in the Seahawks. Their outstanding defense will shut down the ghost of the Patriots offense.

New York Giants @San Fransisco 49ers– I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe the Giants are even in the same conversation as the 49ers. This will not be close.

Green Bay Packers @Houston Texans– The Texans are too good, and the Packers are looking awful.

3-2 last week, 8-7 on the season. Notice that I didn’t make a Broncos pick? 

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