Week 7 Quick Hits

I spent most of my time this week writing my Politics post from yesterday, so today’s NFL post is a bit lacking. But, there are some things I want to talk about, so I’ll just rapid fire them.

  • Are you concerned with Michael Vick possibly owning a dog? I”m sure not.
  • The Yankees performance in the playoffs doesn’t totally absolve the Rangers’ failure of a season, but it sure helps.
  • How is your NFL team doing this year? Surprisingly good? Surprisingly bad? Just as you thought? The Broncos are about how I thought they would be, which is to say disappointing.
  • Is anyone besides me excited for basketball season?

Week 7 Power Rankings:

  1. Atlanta Falcons– They remain undefeated. Playing poorly in wins is better than playing well in losses.
  2. Houston Texans– Proving that they can’t play with the big boys.
  3. Baltimore Ravens– Narrow win over the Cowboys cost the defense big time.
  4. New York Giants– Impressive win over the 49ers might put the Giants on the right track.
  5. San Francisco 49ers– Didn’t look so good against the Giants, but still a very good team.
  6. Chicago Bears– Coming off a bye should provide for a good showing against a poor Detroit team.
  7. Green Bay Packers– I have a feeling the Pack is back to normal.
  8. Seattle Seahawks– Strong defense is exactly what a rookie quarterback needs to be successful.
  9. New England Patriots– No longer the most clutch team in football.
  10. Denver Broncos– I’m putting my team here because they just survived the hardest 6 game stretch in football and are 3-3.

Top 5 Games of Week 7-picks in bold

  1. Seattle Seahawks @San Francisco 49ers– Is the NFC West the best division in football right now? 49ers, but just barely
  2. Baltimore Ravens @Houston Texans- Both teams have depleted defenses, and Houston has the better offense
  3. Arizona Cardinals @Minnesota Vikings– Two overacheiving teams. Arizona is without a running game.
  4. Washington Redskins @New York Giants- RGIII will not be stopped!
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers @Cincinnati Bengals– Evenly matched teams, home team gets the advantage!

2-3 last week; 10-10 on the season

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