Week 8 Quick Hits

Time for another version of Quick Hits! Maybe I’ll change the name to something more creative like 4 downs or 3 strikes or the PK or the 100m or bullseye. I don’t know yet, still working on it. Any suggestions?

Here are some things that matter to me in the world of sports:

  • Lance Armstrong was officially stripped of all his Tour de France titles this week. What is your take on this? Personally, I don’t like that he lied, but I don’t mind the doping. Not because I think it’s right or ok, but because to compete you have to be on the same level, and that’s what he had to do. I also think they are unfairly punishing Lance (look at the punishments for all other cyclists that were found to be doping).
  • It’s Giants-Tigers in the World Series. Any picks? I don’t know much about either of these teams. According to ESPN, the Tigers are the pick to win the series in 6 or 7 games, so I’ll just go with that.
  • The Miami Heat were picked as the favorites to win another title this year, with Lebron as the MVP. Do you agree?
  • Forbes released it’s list of Most and Least Liked Players. Surprised by any of these picks? On the “Liked” list, I’m surprised by Charles Woodson and Matthew Stafford. I didn’t realize they were so popular. On the “Disliked” list, I can’t believe Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn are relevant enough to warrant a list, and I’m not sure what Tony Romo did to deserve a spot. I totally get the Kyle Orton one, though. I can’t stand that guy.
  • I can’t get enough of guys looking goofy, and Yao Ming playing golf hit the spot. One of my favorite things to do when I’m sad is to watch Charles Barkley take a swing.

Top 10 NFL teams- Week 8

  1. Atlanta Falcons- No big bye-week news is a good thing
  2. Houston Texans– Proved they can blow out the big boys
  3. New York Giants– I can’t explain this, except that I have no reason not to put them here.
  4. Chicago Bears- Bears were more dominant than the 13-7 score showed Monday Night.
  5. San Francisco 49ers– Struggling a bit, but still getting the necessary wins.
  6. Baltimore Ravens- A much, much better team than the blowout loss to Houston shows.
  7. Green Bay Packers– Now with momentum, this team is starting to look scary. Woodson loss is a huge one, though.
  8. New England Patriots– Maybe we are spoiled, Tom, but the Pat’s play against the mediocre (at best) Jets still sucked.
  9. Minnesota Vikings– More and more confusing with every week.
  10. Denver Broncos– Defense will be very much tested this week against New Orleans.

Top 5 Games This Week (picks in bold)

  1. Washington Redskins @Pittsburgh Steelers- I think Pittsburgh’s time is done. They are too old and beat up.
  2. New England Patriots @St. Louis Rams- There isn’t a team in the NFC West that isn’t fun to watch. But that doesn’t mean they can beat the Patriots.
  3. Atlanta Falcons @Philadelphia Eagles- Close, tough game, but Atlanta comes out on top in this one.
  4. NY Giants @Dallas Cowboys- This is always a fun matchup. Eli dominates Cowboys Stadium, though, and this will be more of the same.
  5. New Orleans Saints @Denver Broncos– I think New Orleans’ lack of defense will be what kills them in this game.

3-2 last week, 13-12 on the season. (I HAVE A WINNING RECORD!!!)


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