Midseason Grades–The Gilly Awards!!

At this point in the NFL season, most teams have played at least 8 games. By Austin math, that’s somewhere around 50% through the NFL season. Most teams not named Giants have found their identity at this point, and are pretty much who they are. This isn’t always true, as proven twice by the aforementioned Giants, who got hot at the end of the season and won the Super Bowl. At this point, I would like to give out some awards. These awards mean nothing to the players, and they won’t even be notified about them. Without further ado–The Gillys!!

  1. The Offensive Gilly (first half offensive MVP)Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons QB– Matt Ryan really is playing out of his mind and leading his team to look like a legitimate contender, finding ways to win even when they don’t play well.
  2. The Defensive Gilly (first half defensive MVP)JJ Watt, Houston Texans, DE– 10.5 sacks and the leader of the NFL’s 3rd ranked defense. Because of Watt, Brian Cushing’s injury hasn’t hurt the Texans as bad as expected.
  3. The Crappiest Gilly (first half most disappointing player)Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles, QB– Vick has always had an excuse because he is always injured. He’s been healthy enough to play all season so far, and just looks terrible. Also receiving consideration was Cam Newton.
  4. The Surprising Gilly (first half biggest surprise)Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos, QB– I had my doubts that he would regain his old form, but at this point he seems to have surpassed it.
  5. The Offensive Rookie Gilly (first half offensive rookie of the year)Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts, QB– I really wanted to go RGIII here, but Luck plays and leads like a veteran, and I think Luck is doing it with fewer pieces than RGIII has. Doug Martin has also looked great this year.
  6. The Defensive Rookie Gilly (first half defensive rookie of the year)Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers, LB– Always near the ball, leading rookies in tackles, and recorded a whopping 15 this past weekend against Washington.
  7. The Divisional Gilly (first half best division) NFC North– Not even close. Packers, Bears, Vikings all playing well, and the Lions are full of talent.
  8. The Team Offense Gilly (first half best offense)New England Patriots– I wanted to go with Atlanta, but NE is leading in almost every category, so I really didn’t have a choice.
  9. The Team Defense Gilly (first half best defense) San Francisco 49ers– They are so fast. Full of disciplined players who are fun to watch. I also really like Houston’s Defense.
  10. The Coach Gilly (first half best coach)Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins– The Dolphins look pretty good and have almost no talent on the team. I’m impressed.

Who do you think are the best/worst/craziest? What awards did I miss?

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