Quick Hits- Week 10

It’s crazy, with all this parity in the league, that we still have teams as terrible as the Kansas City Chiefs. Did you realize that they have never led in regular time? The only game they won they did so in overtime, and the final score was their only lead. They even attempted to start Brady Quinn for a game or two. I have some other questions for you guys:

  • What team that seems to be average or done for do you think will make the playoffs? I’m gonna say the Miami Dolphins. They have a somewhat decent team, and Joe Philbin is doing a great job coaching up the team he has. New Orleans Saints also received votes.
  • What dominant team do you think will falter a bit down the stretch? I’m going with the Atlanta Falcons. Don’t get me wrong, I still think they will be a top seed in the NFC, but their play hasn’t shown dominance lately. With 5 of their next 8 against division foes, we will see what they are truly made of.
  • Baseball time: Josh Hamilton asked for a 7 year contract worth $175 million last week. I think he’s worth that much, but I also think the Rangers are tired of his shtick. He will get paid, and the change of scenery will re-awaken his baseball dominance.
  • What do you think about the young NBA season? I’m loving my Spurs dominating, but also, maybe just as much, loving the Lakers suck. I’ll start writing about that soon.
  • I wish I could explain to you how much I don’t miss the NHL right now. 

Top 10 NFL Teams

  1. Atlanta Falcons– It’s hard not to pick an 8-0 team, even though they didn’t look that great against a struggling Cowboys team last week.
  2. Chicago Bears– The most dominating game by any team this season. And the most Bears points scored since 1980.
  3. Houston Texans- This Sunday against the Bears will be a really good barometer for this team. I think they can take ’em.
  4. San Francisco 49ers– This defense looks really good. And although the NFC West is fun to watch, I don’t the the 49ers will have a problem wrapping it up.
  5. Green Bay Packers– After a slow start, the Packers are starting to look like the team we know. The bye comes at a good time for them to get healthy.
  6. Baltimore Ravens– All signs point to them being too beat up to keep winning, but so far they keep proving me wrong.
  7. New York Giants– This team is so hard to figure out. They looked uninspired against an average Steelers team.
  8. Denver Broncos– I’m so glad I”m able to rank my team high without sounding like a fan boy. The Broncos really do look incredible. In the second half.
  9. New England Patriots– The Patriots showed the motherland which England is best. Get it? Anyways, their offense is #1 in the league.
  10. Indianapolis Colts– It may be a little early to put them in the Top 10, but I don’t care, I’m doing it anyways. There’s something magical about teams that have somebody to rally around.


Top 5 Games of Week 10

  • Detroit Lions @Minnesota Vikings- Minnesota is 4-1 at home, but the Lions seem to be heating up at the right time.
  • Atlanta Falcons @New Orleans Saints– Atlanta hasn’t been on top of it’s game lately, and I think this could be where the Saints pick it up and make a playoff run.
  • Dallas Cowboys @Philadelphia Eagles- Both of these teams are dysfunctional, but I think this is the game where the Eagles implode. This game is always fun to watch no matter how bad the teams are.
  • Houston Texans @Chicago Bears- Game of the week, without a doubt. I’m not really confident, but I’m gonna place my money on Schaub over Cutler.

Those are really the only games that look very interesting this week, but since I have to give you 5, I’ll go with…

  • Denver Broncos @Carolina Panthers- Because Peyton Manning vs. Cam Newton.

What do you think of this weeks slate of games? Any thoughts on basketball season?


One response to “Quick Hits- Week 10

  1. On a neutral field I like the Texans over the Bears, but Sunday night should be fantastic! I’d also swap the Broncos and and Ravens on your list as much as I hate admitting it. Denver could get a 2-seed with that schedule!

    Can’t wait for the Cowboys-Eagles as a semi-Cowboys fan. I hate the Eagles and love watching them lose, but if the Cowboys lose we are that much closer to the end of the Garrett era.

    good takes!

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