Week 11 Quick Hits- Now With 94% More NBA!

As I’ve made pretty clear here, I’m a pretty biased writer. Sometimes I try not to be, but when we talk about the certain teams I can’t help it. As a Spurs fan, we have plenty of rivals. My favorite rival is probably the Mavericks, followed by our newest rival, the Thunder. I love those games. But, then there are the teams I hate. The Jazz used to be on the top of the list, but they aren’t any good anymore. Now my most hated rival comes out of LA. There is literally not another team I hate more than the Lakers. I hate everyone on their team. I got really sad when Steve Nash went there because I used to really like the guy. Anyways, the events of this past week really made me happy. I think it’s hilarious to fire a coach after 5 games. That’s like an NFL team firing their coach after Week 1. Outrageous  And then the whole Phil Jackson fiasco had me in stitches. I was actually worried about the Lakers getting him back, but the situation worked out for the best for my Spurs (who again, nobody seems to remember). On a more serious note, I think the Lakers’ problem is personnel, not coaching. Nash, Kobe, and Dwight are not complimentary players. The Lakers have pulled a Cowboys and just got big names that don’t fit together at all. Some other thoughts from this week:

  • Some Jets’ players ripped on Tim Tebow over the weekend. I really wish they would just trade him. It’s hard to think of a more dysfunctional team than the Jets, and I hate seeing him go through this.
  • I’m not the biggest fan of College Football. I only loosely follow the important games and Texas schools. I think it’s great that Texas A&M beat Alabama, but I think it’s ridiculous that they think they should be the new #1. I’ve never really understood Aggies.
  • Fantasy Football is a ripoff. It’s purely based on luck, there’s no knowledge or skill involved. I have never been more convinced of that than I am right now. How’s your team doing?

Top 10 NFL Teams:

  1. Houston Texans– We have a new #1, ladies and gentlemen! I wasn’t sure if the Texans could pull this off, but their defense was impressive and it didn’t hurt that Cutler went down.
  2. Atlanta Falcons– I had a feeling this day was coming soon. The Falcons seem to be breezing by, and they need to get their edge back if they are going to hold off the surging Saints in the NFC South.
  3. Chicago Bears– The Defense is incredible, but if they are missing Jay Cutler for any length of time, their Super Bowl chances are done.
  4. Baltimore Ravens– The Ravens are clearly the 2nd best team in the AFC at this point in the season, and with Terrell Suggs back, they look to be even better.
  5. San Francisco 49ers– I feel like this is too high. Their defense looked terrible against the Rams. Also, they couldn’t beat the Rams.
  6. Denver Broncos– The Defense looks incredible right now. Von Miller is a monster. Still looking for the offense to get a quick start.
  7. Green Bay Packers– Coming off a winning streak and a bye, the Packers look to make a strong run at the Bears in the NFC North.
  8. Indianapolis Colts– Andrew Luck and the Colts are looking more and more impressive with every week.
  9. New England Patriots– The Patriots are on a hot streak, but their defense looks terrible, and even with Tom Brady they won’t get too far with a bad defense.
  10. Seattle Seahawks– Made it back into the Top 10 with a very impressive performance against a less-than-impressive Jets team. Also because everyone else looks terrible.

Top 5 picks (picks in bold):

  • San Diego Chargers @Denver Broncos– These division rivals always seem to put on a good game. A few weeks ago, Peyton led Denver to a win after being down 24-0. Let’s see what kind of magic he can conjure this time.
  • Green Bay Packers @Detroit Lions- I would really like to see the Lions be successful, and I think they have the talent, but they are playing way below their potential. Also, the Packers are on a roll right now.
  • Indianapolis Colts @New England Patriots– The Colts are clicking as a team, and the Patriots barely beat Buffalo last week. I’m not very confident in this pick.
  • Baltimore Ravens @Pittsburgh Steelers- Everyone loves this game because it’s a hard nosed, defensive battle. I don’t think it will be much of a fight with Big Ben out, though.
  • Chicago Bears @San Francisco 49ers- The Bears get their second tough matchup in a row this week. San Fran barely squeaked out a tie with the Rams though, so I’m not very confident in them for this game.

(4-1 last week, 17-13 on the season)

2 responses to “Week 11 Quick Hits- Now With 94% More NBA!

  1. broncos should be higher. also you forgot the cowboys… lol although u shud have said they pulled a redskins… our big names actually usually work out, minus bledsoe and roy williams. saying fantasy is all luck is like saying poker is all luck. There is some skill involved. mainly you have to not suck and draft tebow in all of ur leagues.

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