Week 16 Quick Hits

As we near Christmas Day (5 days away!) NFL Teams are asking Santa for plenty this year. The Cowboys, Bears, and Steelers are asking for a playoff miracle. The Jets are hoping McElroy is the QB they have been hoping for (and I hope along with Tim Tebow that he gets a shot elsewhere, and rumor is they’re shopping him and Sanchez). Matt Ryan and the Falcons are hoping to get that elusive first playoff win, as is Matt Schaub (TJ Yates won the Texans’ playoff game last year).

On a more personal note, I have 2 fantasy championship games this weekend, and 1 semifinal game. (I am pretty proud that I made the playoffs in 3 out of my 4 leagues, and didn’t lose in the first round of any!) I am up against RGIII in my big money league, so I’m pretty sure I’m done there. I’m pretty sure I have the other Championships locked up. How’s your fantasy team doing? (It should be noted that in the approx. 16 fantasy leagues I’ve participated in (including this year) this year marks the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times I’ve made the playoffs, so I’m pretty proud.) Also, I’m rockin’ my pick ’em league pretty hard, so that’s awesome.


I know this happened last week, but I’m still pretty bitter about the way the Rangers have handled their Free Agents the past few years. From Clif Lee to CJ Wilson, to this year with Josh Hamilton, Mike Napoli, and the guys that they didn’t get: Zach Grienke, RA Dickey, James Shields, and Justin Upton. I’m not gonna say I know how MLB executives think, but as a fan looking in, I’m not impressed. I know Rangers’ fans have gotten spoiled with the recent run of success, but the team needs some signings and/or trades to be a playoff caliber team.


Now, for some standings: It’s hard to argue that teams that are already in the playoffs should be in the Top 10, so they have all made it, but there are a few playoff teams that have been playing terribly in the last few weeks. If you think a team that hasn’t clinched deserves a spot ahead of a clinched team, let me know why!

  1. Denver Broncos– I have been waiting all season for this. Peyton and the boys are on point right now, winning 9 straight games and clearly looking unstoppable and like the favorite in the AFC. Their 3 losses came while the team was still learning to gel with Peyton, but recently Peyton has looked like a lifetime Bronco.
  2. Houston Texans– Obviously, the question about the Texans is whether they can beat good teams. They beat the Broncos at the beginning of the year, but looked terrible against Green Bay and New England. We will see come playoff time.
  3. Atlanta Falcons– I have the same questions about the Falcons as I do about the Texans. In their wins, the Falcons don’t play very well, generally. We will see if they can play with the big boys (the Falcons also beat the Broncos, early in the season)
  4. San Francisco 49ers– Alex Smith seemed to have a resurgence under Jim Harbaugh, but Colin Kaepernick has looked great as well, especially in the win over the Patriots. I don’t blame Harbaugh for doing what he thought would help the team win, and he’s looking pretty smart for it now.
  5. New England Patriots– Before their loss to the 49ers, the Patriots were on quite the tear, and I think they are still going to be dangerous in the playoffs.
  6. Green Bay Packers– After a slow start, the Packers have come on strong, but I don’t think they are strong enough to get past the 49ers this year.
  7. Baltimore Ravens– If I hadn’t made the “clinching” rule for myself, the Ravens would be much lower. They have looked awful recently, and I don’t think they will be going very far in the playoffs.
  8. Seattle Seahawks– It’s hard to argue with the way the Seahawks are playing right now, especially on defense. They will be a mess for whoever has to face them in the playoffs.
  9. Washington Redskins– Don’t look now, but the Redskins have the 2nd longest winning streak in the league, at 5 games. Does Kirk Cousins winning impressively change the way you view RGIII? It doesn’t for me, because I still think RGIII is the best athlete in the QB position right now.
  10. Dallas Cowboys– I know they may not even make the playoffs, but I’m so impressed with the way this team is playing right now. Against all odds, and having lost 10+ starters in various games, the Cowboys have won 5 of 6, and are looking like quite the formidable team.


Games of Week 16: (picks in bold)

New Orleans Saints @Dallas Cowboys– I have one prediction for this game: I think it will be close and exciting. I’m going with the home team and the scrappiness I have seen from the Cowboys recently.

Cincinnati Bengals @Pittsburgh Steelers- The Bengals have been playing well, and the Steelers have looked awful as of late.

Minnesota Vikings @Houston Texans– AP is chasing history against one of the better run defenses in the league, and the Vikings are chasing a playoff spot. I think Houston is too much for a Ponder-led team.

NY Giants @ Baltimore Ravens– Neither Team is playing very well right now, but for the sake of hoping for my Cowboys friends, I’ll take the home team.

San Francisco 49ers @Seattle Seahawks– I don’t see the Seahawks putting up 50 points for the 3rd consecutive week, but I do see them winning at home.

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