Week 17

I’m pretty sad football season is coming to an end. Of course, we still have the playoffs, which means plenty of time for fun stories and exciting games. No matter what happens, we have some great stories already in the books from the 2012 NFL season:

  • The Success of Rookie Quarterbacks- Granted, not EVERY QB drafted in the 2012 NFL draft was impressive, but there were certainly some highlights. From Robert Griffin III’s exciting play and precision, to Andrew Luck’s mastery of the game, and even Russell Wilson’s impressive lead of an impressive team, rookie QBs have looked great this year. Even Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden looked pretty good.
  • Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson- Both of these players had serious injuries last year, with Manning’s neck surgery keeping him out all year, and Peterson’s torn Achilles ending his season. Both players have come roaring back, and they are both currently in the MVP discussion.
  • Dealing with Tragedy- Two NFL teams experienced terrible tragedies this year- the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs, and they were exactly 1 week apart. Both teams responded to the tragedies with wins, but the most important part is the impact it had on the teams, as well as the fanbases and the entire country.
  • My Fantasy Football Season- I know most of you don’t care, but I’m really proud of myself this year. I made the playoffs in 3 out of my 4 leagues, and lost the championship game in two of them. My last Championship game is this weekend, and I really hope to win this one. I’m expecting a call from ESPN soon.

What has been your favorite story of this NFL season so far?

Games of Week 17

  • Houston Texans @Indianapolis Colts– I’m picking the Colts here because I think they need it more. The Texans have faltered a bit down the stretch, and I don’t see them making a successful run in the playoffs, either. Both teams have made the playoffs.
  • Baltimore Ravens @Cincinnati Bengals–  The Ravens are another team that haven’t been playing well lately, and the Bengals have the home-field advantage. Both teams have made the playoffs.
  • Green Bay Packers @Minnesota Vikings- The Vikings must win to get into the playoffs, but I think the Packers want the home field advantage more.
  • St Louis Rams @Seattle Seahawks– It doesn’t look like much at first glance, but the Rams aren’t actually a terrible team. The Seahawks have been on an unbelievable streak, though, and I don’t see them slowing down.
  • Dallas Cowboys @Washington Redskins- If Dallas wins, they win the division and will be in the playoffs. But the Redskins can lose and still make it. I’m going with my heart and picking the Cowboys to surprise everyone and win. They have been playing with so much heart and surprising me so much the past few weeks, I can’t help it. This is certainly the game of the week.

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