Playoff Predictions: Divisional Round

Half of last weeks playoff games were a bit surprising to me. I really thought the Colts would play better against the Ravens. I also didn’t expect the Ravens’ offense to play as well as they did (2 fumbles notwithstanding). I underestimated how injured RGIII was. Watching that knee buckle was absolutely painful. I hate seeing such a good guy go down like that.

This week’s games feature some exciting matchups, including some rematches from the regular season. Can Houston avenge their embarrassing loss to the Patriots in Week 14? Can Baltimore avenge theirs to the Broncos in Week 15? I wouldn’t bet it, for either team.

Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos– In Week 15, the Broncos had a 34-3 lead going into the fourth quarter. The final score was 34-17. I expect more of the same this week, with the good-to-great Denver defense man-handling the poor Ravens offense. I’m surprised the Ravens won last week, and I’ll be surprised again if they beat the Broncos. I’ll take Denver 34-10

Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers- I’m not incredibly impressed by either of these teams. San Fran looks really good at times, but they also give up 31 straight points to New England, and lose to Seattle 42-13. I’m not sure which team will show up. On the flip side, the Packers have Aaron Rodgers and not much else. For reasons I’m not sure of, my gut is telling me to go with Green Bay in this game, I’ll throw out the score 34-31.

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons- Atlanta hasn’t impressed me this season, even with their 13-3 record. Somehow, they keep finding ways to win, though. Seattle continues to impress, but I feel like their magic has to run out sometime, right?! For this reason alone, I’m going with Atlanta, 31-20.

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots- Houston go absolutely destroyed in Week 14 by the Patriots, and I expect more of the same this go ’round. Houston’s defense will have to pick it up against Brady if they are going to have a chance, and Matt Schaub has to take them the rest of the way. It’s not like I don’t trust them as much as it’s that I believe in the Patriots more. I’ll take the Patriots 34-24.

If you haven’t guessed it, what I’m trying to say is that there are really only two playoff teams that have impressed me, and that is the Broncos and Seahawks. The Broncos have a little more sustainability, while the Seahawks seem to be getting lucky a lot. That is why I have the ‘Hawks bowing out this round (although I won’t be surprised if they continue). Also, just so I can gloat later, I have the Broncos and Packers in the SB, so we will see how that turns out.

Who are your picks this week? Are you brave enough to pick the Super Bowl teams at this point?


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