2013 Is Crazy/Bachelor Party

This year is really starting out strong. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and I’m hardly even doing anything. I don’t know how Autumn is handling all of this. This week started with me coming back from my snowboard trip with the guys, being sore and tired, and ends with moving Autumn into our new marriage apartment. Exciting times, to be sure, but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for writing.

I was able to make writing a habit, something that I missed if I didn’t have a chance to do. Now that I constantly think about it, the challenge is to make time for it. If I ignore the voice inside me pushing me to write, it will soon become “something that I used to do” and I can’t allow my dream to die like that.


So, all this to say that with all that is on my mind, and with so much to do before we get married on March 23, I won’t have time or energy to plan or think about writing much. But, I will still write. It just may not be too incredible. That is a warning.


Today, I will recap in pictures my recent trip to Ruidoso, NM. All pictures were taken on a phone and I apologize for the terrible quality.

Roswell, NM McDonalds. It's a UFO

Roswell, NM McDonalds. It’s a UFO


The first thing we all learned is that Roswell is very proud of it’s alien stereotype. They have alien themed gift shops on every corner. I bought an alien shot glass at one. The street lampshades are green with alien eyes.  It’s awesome.


The Group

The Group

This is the gang. These are four of my best friends. We have all stuck with each other through everything. I can’t believe I”m blessed with guys like this. Autumn always says that my friends and I are cut from a different cloth than most guys. I don’t mean to get all bro-sappy on you guys, but I’m truly grateful for my friends.


I'm really bad at taking selfies

I’m really bad at taking selfies

This is less than halfway up the mountain, with the beautiful fresh powder behind me. Of course, it was bitter cold this day and super windy, so we couldn’t try out all the fresh powder.


Eating a King's feast

Eating a King’s feast

I think I had 15 burgers and 100 beers on this 4 day trip. I’m still tired from it. I’m so grateful for my friends who worked to make this trip happen.




Just kidding, but seriously. Here’s to forever.


3 responses to “2013 Is Crazy/Bachelor Party

  1. Live the commercial attached to your post. Where are all of Ken’s curls? I can’t believe he shaved them off. Are the other gentlemen in the whataburger photo going to be at your wedding? I have not met them have I ? Great blog , great pictures! I miss you

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