Thoughts on Pope Francis

Yesterday, the Vatican elected a new pope. He hails from Argentina, the first pope from Latin America, and his real name is Jorge Bergoglio. I’ll admit that I don’t know much about the role of the pope nor of the catholic church in general. But I do know that this is a big deal for hundreds of millions of people around the world. So, I did some research.

Pope Francis is known for his humility. This seems like an odd thing to say, but in reading articles here and here, it seems pretty legit. Francis seems to fall in line with a more traditional doctrine of the church, which I don’t agree with all of, but the thing that sticks out to me is his eschewing of a lot of tradition in his ceremonies so far. He isn’t interested in glitz and glam, the papal car or wearing furs. I love that when he visited Rome he didn’t want people to know he was a cardinal.

But, my favorite thing about him is his views on doctrine and social justice. Basically, Francis wants the focus to be on social justice and not on doctrine. I love this because I believe this is where the church, as a whole, and gotten things completely wrong. Francis has never had a driver, or a car for that matter, he had a small apartment, and he worked with the poor constantly. He cares about the lesser. Francis grabs his own bags at the hotel, and asked the crowd to bless him.

To me, it seems that whether you are Baptist, Catholic, Mormon, American, European, Argentinian, a poor child, or a wealthy politician, Francis seems to be the leader we can all look up to, and his priorities and humility are things that we can all respect.

What do you think about the new Pope?


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