BREAKING NEWS!!! Tony Romo Promised 2 Offensive Lineman

According to sources of mine, (and I know how vague that is) Tony Romo was promised that the first two picks of the NFL Draft, beginning this Thursday, April 25, would be offensive linemen. Romo was promised this before he signed his 6 year, $108 Million contract on March 29.



I really hope this post goes viral. And “according to my sources”, it’s true. But how do you know that? Nobody can know for sure, but if I was a respected sports journalist, it would  be on ESPN this afternoon. I love hearing breaking news, but I think it’s important that I know who your sources are. Is your source your mind? Is it your dog? That guy at work who knows a guy? Or are they legitimate? Like someone who works in the organization, or has personal knowledge of the situation?


This isn’t a big deal when it comes to sports, but there are times that it is very important. Just recently, major news outlets reported arrests of the Boston Bomber, which turned out to be false, as well as inflated death tolls in both Boston and West, TX.


I think we can all apply this to life as well. When we hear crazy things, or start thinking crazy things, instead of spreading what could be false information, let’s take it to the source and talk to the person it concerns.


But, back to the original point, I’ll put money that the Cowboys take offensive linemen with the first two picks. Any takers? 


2 responses to “BREAKING NEWS!!! Tony Romo Promised 2 Offensive Lineman

  1. How about those Cowboys?

    I miss Jimmy Johnson, I never thought I would ever say that. I might take that bet because Jerry is as messed up as a left handed football bat. And only someone like that would take two OL with the first two picks.

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