NBA Playoffs 2013

I’ve often said that basketball is my favorite sport. Specifically, I really enjoy watching NBA basketball. I’ll watch any basketball, but I enjoy the NBA because of the polished, elite level of play. If this is so, then why haven’t I written a post about the NBA postseason? I truly cannot answer that. I realize that a few series are 2 games in already, but I’m choosing to overlook that.

Everyone knows I’m a homer. I love my San Antonio Spurs and think, every year, that they will win it all. I think they can beat the Heat, if they make it to the Finals. I think they can beat anybody in the West to get to the Finals. But, we will take this one step at a time.

Eastern Conference:

(1)Miami Heat vs (8)Milwaukee Bucks– I like Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings, but the Bucks don’t have a chance. It’s almost rude to put an 8-seed in the playoffs every year. Although it has given us a few upsets over the years, this particular matchup isn’t even fair. Miami 4-0

(2) New York Knicks vs (7) Boston Celtics– I thought this series could provide a nice matchup, and if the C’s had Rondo, it might be, but judging by the first two games, this could be a sweep. I don’t think KG and Paul Pierce will let that happen though. It’s nice to see the Knicks good again, I think they have the only chance (even if it is slight) of beating the Heat. New York 4-2

(3) Indiana Pacers vs (6) Atlanta Hawks– I love watching the Pacers play. I like their energy, passion, and I enjoy watching George Hill be successful (being a former Spur). I just don’t think the Hawks have enough to get past the Pacers. Indiana 4-2

(4) Brooklyn Nets vs (5) Chicago Bulls– I know Bulls fans share my sentiment when I say I wish Derek Rose was playing. With him, the Bulls become the biggest threat to the Heat in the East. Without him, they are just a speed bump to the next round for the Nets. I do like how hard the Bulls play, even without their star. I don’t think the Nets are great, but I do think they get out of this round. New Jersey 4-2

Western Conference:

(1) Oklahoma City Thunder vs (8) Houston Rockets– I’ll be honest, I thought this was going to be a fun series to watch, but if we judge by game one, it won’t be close. I still like the Rockets to make this scary, but OKC is too much. Oklahoma City 4-2

(2) San Antonio Spurs vs (7) Los Angeles Lakers– I’m sorry, but the Lakers are bad. They were bad with Kobe. And I’ll just say, if a terrible season means you sneak into the playoffs as the #7 seed, you’ve got a good life, Lakers fans. Anyways, the Spurs should have no problem with this series, but I’m gonna give the Lakers 1 at home just for good measure. San Antonio 4-1

(3) Denver Nuggets vs (6) Golden State Warriors– These two teams are so fun to watch, I want both to move on so I can keep watching them. This is a pretty even series, but I have to give it to the Nuggets, especially since the Warriors just lost David Lee. Denver 4-3

(4) Los Angeles Clippers vs (5) Memphis Grizzlies– With the newly crowned Defensive Player of the Year, the Grizzlies could make this interesting, and I expect them to. This will be another exciting, hard fought, hard fouling series by these two teams. What a great rivalry for this generation. I feel, in my heart, that I have to give it to Lob City. Los Angeles 4-3

What are your predictions for the first round of the NBA Playoffs?

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