A Spurs-Biased Finals Breakdown

Before I was able to write a Conference Finals post, the West was won. I can’t believe my mighty San Antonio Spurs swept the Grizzlies. I was sure that the series was going to go 7 games, and I wasn’t sure we could beat them. The Spurs played with intensity and ran their system with precision. The old-school defense that they used to be known for showed up again. It was a great series, and although I kind of miss watching them, I’m glad they’re able to get some rest.

In the East, we are now looking at a 3 game series. Game 5 is tonight in Miami, which has 2 of the 3 at home. This will make it tough on the Pacers, but they did win Game 2 there. Mostly out of desire, but also because I think they can do it, I’m going to pick the Pacers to win this series. In case I’m wrong, though, I will look at both scenarios for the upcoming Finals matchup.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat– I think this series will go to 7 games, with Miami having home court advantage. Miami has almost no inside presence, and that’s where the Spurs will have the main advantage. Both teams have great defenses, though, so this will be a low-scoring, boring (unless you love defense, like me) series. I’m not confident the Spurs will win this series.

San Antonio Spurs vs Indiana Pacers– This series could go 7 games, but I don’t think that would happen. Indiana has a huge inside presence, with David West and Roy Hibbert, and a very physical, stingy defense. The Spurs have the advantage, though, because of experience. The Pacers are young, and in the playoffs, especially the Finals, the experienced team normally comes out ahead. I’m confident that the Spurs will win this series.

How do you see the possible Finals matchups?


4 responses to “A Spurs-Biased Finals Breakdown

  1. Honesty, I think right now the Pacers scare me a little more than the Heat. Obviously both sides have their pros and cons

    Miami – They have home court advantage and Lebron going for them, However, to the Pacers and really even the shorthanded, beat up Bulls they have looked extremely mortal. They have no inside presence, and I think the Spurs could take that series in 6 (because if it went to 7 I just wouldnt feel too confident).

    Indiana – In our favor, they don’t have any true “superstars”, we took the season 2-0 and we’d have home court and experience. The thing with the pacers, they are hungry, looking pretty unstoppable against Miami (save game 30) and they have Spur killer David West (hated him when he was with New Orleans). They have the best D in the league, and if they beat Miami confidence will be soaring

    The truth is, I think either way the Spurs win in 6. Luckily if the Spurs were to go to 7 with the Pacers they have home court, but I really don’t think it would go that far.

    My biggest concern is that they don’t sweep as I will be on mission trip games 3-4. So lets take it in 5 against miami so they can celebrate at home, and take in 6 against the pacers so we can celebrate at home! 🙂

    • The difference between you and I is that I try to be realistic! I think each series will go at least 6, and I don’t think you’ll have a problem missing a sweep!

      • Yeah but analysts are always trying to be realistic and think of all the weirdos that thought LA would take san antonio in 6 or 7, or that the grizzlies would win in 6 or 7. A “realistic” prediction isnt always a right one… Im one of the few people that called an la and grizz sweep… 🙂

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