5 Keys For The San Antonio Spurs

The NBA Finals tip-off tonight in Miami, and I know you’re thinking that Coach Pop has this series all figured out, and has a legitimate game plan for beating the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. And I’m sure you’re mostly right. I just want Pop to know that I’ve coached and refereed a few YMCA basketball games in my life, so maybe he would be wise to heed my advice.

1.) Shooters must get hot- I know, it seems really obvious. When would there ever be a time that you wouldn’t want your shooters to get hot? I don’t have the answer to that question, but I do know that it will be important in this series for the Spurs. Tony Parker will likely be defended heavily, and will have to look for the open guy on most possessions, and when that open person gets the ball, he must make a shot. I see TP being mostly a facilitator in this series, which leads to my next point…


2.) Tony Parker has to look for the open man- Everyone knows Tony is a huge offensive weapon, he is without question the Spurs’ #1 option, and there was talk about a MVP award before he got injured. In this series, though, I see the Heat putting max pressure on him, whether it’s with LeBron James, Norris Cole, or Mario Chalmers, or maybe all 3. TP can’t beat LeBron, I’m sorry, but this will create a mismatch elsewhere, which TP must look out for. Speaking of mismatches…


3.) Find the Big Guys- Tim Duncan is not as dominant as he once was, but he has had a bit of a renaissance this year, and he, Matt Bonner, Boris Diaw, Tiago Splitter, and even DeJuan Blair must destroy the paint against the Heat. Chris Bosh can’t guard any of them, and although Chris “Birdman” Anderson has given the Heat a boost, he shouldn’t be much of a problem. If the Spurs can pick apart their defense, this will cause their offense to suffer, as we saw with Bosh against the Pacers. But that’s not even my main concern…


4.) Don’t guard LeBron- I’m being a bit sarcastic here, but here’s my point- Lebron is going to get his. He will have a great game, no matter what we do. If the Spurs can focus on shutting everyone else down, we will be successful in the long run. Lebron can win a game or two by himself, but he can’t win 4. Especially if we frustrate him…


5.) Drive Drive Drive- No matter who is guarding who, the Spurs need to drive constantly. If we can get Lebron, Dwayne Wade, or Bosh in foul trouble early, it will be a long series for the Heat. The Spurs are one of the best teams in the league at drawing fouls, and they must take advantage of this throughout the series.


If the Spurs can do all those things, I see them winning this series. I just can’t shake the feeling that this will a 7 game series, so I have to go with my gut here.

Who do you pick to win the NBA Finals? 


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