NFL Week 2 Preview

Is it just me, or was Week 1 a weird week of football? Teams like the Chargers and Eagles played better than I thought. Some players had incredible weeks (Peyton Manning) and some had terrible weeks (Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant). Since it’s only Week 2 now, we can’t really make solid judgement calls on any of this. Maybe the Cowboys’ Defense has 6 turnovers every game, but I wouldn’t count on it. Most of the teams I watched this week looked really rusty, even if it was just for the first half (Houston, Denver).

So, based on almost nothing but pure guesswork, here are my Top 5 games for this week:

  1. Denver Broncos @ NY Giants- After watching both teams this week, this seems like a no-brainer to me. I think the Giants will clean up their turnovers (and I hope David Wilson keeps his fumbles in check, he’s my fantasy RB), but I also think Peyton will be too much for the Giants D to handle. Denver 38-20.
  2. Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs- This is a very interesting game for both teams. They both looked pretty good in Week 1, but is it sustainable for either team? Another wrinkle here is that Andy Reid knows the Cowboys pretty well from his 14 years in Philly. I think the Cowboys are just a bit better this year, and take this game. Dallas 27-20
  3. Washington Redskins @ Green Bay Packers– This game should be fun to watch, and will answer a few questions. Namely, was RGIII just rusty Monday night or is this a real sophomore slump for him? Either way, Green Bay will be too much in this game. Packers 38-31
  4. Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens- This is the first time in years that a Browns game has made it into anybody’s Top 5 games list. I think the Browns defense is something to look out for, and I don’t think their offense is terrible. I’m also intrigued by the Baltimore team as a whole, and don’t know what to think of them yet. I see a defensive battle here. Cleveland 17-14
  5. San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks– I can’t tell you how excited I am for this game. I expect one for the ages. Both defenses are elite, but both offenses are up there as well. Even though SF beat a tougher opponent last week, Seattle has a definite home field advantage for this matchup, so I’m going to take them. Seattle 38-35

What did you think of last weeks performances? What are your picks for Week 2?


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